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Hovercraft Takedown iOS Review

In the world of mobile gaming, I have controlled many vehicles. I’ve commanded cars, planes, ships, and many more cars. However, there is one vehicle in particular that I have not yet piloted. And that vehicle is a hovercraft. You see, hovercrafts are that perfect mixture between car, plane, and boat. They can go over water, they can kind of fly, and you never have to change a tire. I mean, does anyone actually know how to change a tire? Of course not. Where am I going with all this? A review for Hovercraft Takedown for iOS devices.



The Basics

From hearing the title Hovercraft Takedown, you can tell there’s going to be hovercrafts. And takedowns. Which means tons of action of course. This is how most vehicular combat games end up, as most of them revolve around complete chaos. There’s never a game where you just drive and park and obey the rules of the road, is there? Well, I guess there’s a reason for that. It would be boring. Good point, me.



The Gameplay

Like many vehicular games, Hovercraft Takedown’s controls are completely on-rails. That means the acceleration is pretty much taken care of for you, making your controls a bit limited.. However, this game takes it a step further as all the shooting is also taken care of for you. You simply drive behind somebody and the shooting part happens automatically. It really makes the pilot seem pretty lazy if you ask me.



Is It Fun?

Hovercraft Takedown is a fun vehicular combat game, but there are definitely a few issues. You see, because both the shooting and acceleration are taken care of for you, your only real control is left and right. This makes it less of a driving and shooting game, and more of a “avoid the obstacles around you” game. Which, while fun, means less destroying other things. And nobody wants to hear that.



The Bottom Line

Hovercraft Takedown definitely has some good ideas going for it. The blocky graphics (while overused) work for the game and the basic idea of hovercraft battles could work. However, simply giving the player the ability to control shooting would make it much more fun and addictive. As it is now, there simply isn’t enough to keep you coming back. Unless you want half the work done for you. In which case, go for it. I definitely understand.

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