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How To Find Your Lost iOS Device

How To Find Your Lost iOS Device

Have you ever been playing video games for a solid four hours, realized that you haven’t checked your phone the entire time, and immediately fear that as soon as you pick it up you’ll be bombarded with angry text messages about why you haven’t come into work yet? Because it happens to all of us. Well, there’s actually a fairly simple way to find your missing device once it’s been misplaced. Let’ find out how in a little segment I like to call “How To Find Your Lost iOS Device”.


The Problem

As I said, nobody likes losing their phone. However, the tried and true method would usually be to have a friend call it or try dialing your number from a landline. But there’s another problem with that. And not just that people don’t use landlines anymore. You see, if you left your phone on silent mode before its mysterious disappearance, your phone calls will be all but useless. “ISN’T THERE ANOTHER WAY?”, you scream to nobody in particular. Well, you’d be very happy to know that there is.


The Solution

Tracking down your device can be done in a few simple steps. You start off by logging into your iCloud account on your computer. From there, you must choose the “Find My Phone” option and select your device. After that, you simply need to click the “Play Sound” button and your phone will alert you that it was in your jacket pocket the whole time. Not that that’s ever happened to me of course.


The Bottom Line

While it can definitely be a bit of a pain to lose your phone, especially with the sound off, it’s good to know that the retrieval process is actually quite simple. It definitely beats the old days of tearing your house apart just to find your flip phone.

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