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How To Keep Your iOS Device From Overheating

How To Keep Your iOS Device From Overheating

Heat is not a bad thing. We all love having a nice warm day where the sun is shining bright. Well, except me. I prefer the indoors if I’m being totally honest. However, while many people enjoy the heat, it’s not so good for electronics. We’ve all had those times where we’ve picked up our phones and noticed it to be strangely warm. And I’m not talking about the time I left my iPhone on the stove. (It was an accident!) Let’s take a look at how to reduce the risk of your iOS device overheating.


The Problem

Having your iOS device overheat is a pretty common occurrence. Sometimes it’s due to overuse, such as the times you decide to watch an entire season of The Flash in bed on your phone when you should have been sleeping. Not that I’m speaking from experience. Other times simply charging the phone will make it start to heat up. Which, while it might feel nice on your hands if it’s cold out, probably isn’t the best thing for your phone.



The Solution

Luckily, there are a few different ways to try and keep your iOS device from heating up too much. One simple way to go about this is to close some of the apps you have open. These not only tend to drain your battery, but could possibly be the reason your mobile device is heating up. Another simple option is to restart your device. Even though it means during the restart you won’t be able to scroll around Instagram for five whole minutes. Life can be so cruel.


The Bottom Line

While noticing your phone overheating can be a bit scary, there’s some simple ways to keep it from happening. Simply closing some apps and restarting your phone will not only reduce the chances of overheating, but may even improve your phone’s performance.


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