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How to stop an iOS update that has already started downloading.edited


Apple is releasing newer updates of its iOS on a regular basis. Each update comes with unique features. Normally, when a new update is released, you will get a notification on your iPhone. If the ‘Automatic Update’ option is enabled, your iPhone will start to download and install the update automatically.

However, the automatic update can be a problem at times. For instance, if you don't want to update your phone right away. Or you are in a situation where you don’t can’t update your phone due to any specific circumstances.

At that point, there’s a process to terminate the update or even you can fully delete the downloaded update from your iPhone. And, luckily, this is very easy to do. In this post, we will explain the entire method in a step by step manner.

So, let’s begin…

First of all, you will need to check the download progress of the update. Here’s how to do it.


Steps to Follow:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu of your iPhone
  • Then tap on ‘General’ option
  • Next tap on the ‘Software Update’ option
  • On that screen, you will see the current status of the update

Now that you know the latest status of the update, you can stop it. Here’s how to do it.


Steps to Follow:

  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu on your iPhone
  • Next, tap on ‘General’ from there
  • On the next screen, you have to scroll down and tap on ‘iPhone Storage’
  • Once again, scroll down until you find the latest version of iOS and tap on it
  • Then tap on ‘Delete Update’ button
  • A popup will appear. Tap on ‘Delete Update’ once again to confirm the deletion
  • From now on, if you go back to the ‘Software Update’ settings menu, you will find the option to download and install the latest update manually


Additional Tip:

  • If you want to download any newer updates anytime, you can navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. And, you have to tap on ‘Download and Install’ button to start the update


Final Words:

Updating your iPhone to the latest version is very crucial. So, if there’s a new update is available, you should download and install it. But, if you insist to wait for the feedback on the newly released update, you can use the above method to halt the update process.

We have tried to share the method in the easiest way possible. We hope that you can follow the method without any difficulty. So, if you have followed the method above, you can easily stop any iOS update which has already started downloading or has already been downloaded.

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