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How To Supercharge Your iOS Device

How To Supercharge Your iOS Device

Ok, just a quick disclaimer. When I say I’m telling you to supercharge your phone, I don’t mean having it get struck by lightning and have it send you to back to time where you have the possibility of creating an anomaly like in Back To The Future. Just thought I’d clear that up. No, what I’m talking about is getting the most out of your iOS device. What say I get a bit more specific in the next section?


The Problem

Ever since the massive popularity of iOS 10, people have been noticing a few changes. While there were definitely some great things about the update, such as emoji keyboards allowing you to send emoticons of dancing cupcakes to your friends like you’ve always wanted to, many people also believe the update has resulted in worse battery life and the phone as a whole becoming slower.


The Solution

But fear not, noble iOS users! Help is on the way! You see, you can pretty easily circumvent some of these issues with some simple changes. One great way to not only improve the performance of your device but also clear up some space is to delete any apps that you find yourself no longer using. Additionally, the special “Low Battery Mode” for certain devices can help to improve battery life. This is pretty simple to do, as by going to the “Battery” section in Settings once you hit 20% battery life, you’ll find the option to toggle it on or off. And you can turn off your location settings. If you’re into that.


The Bottom Line

While iOS 10 may have resulted in a few issues with performance and battery life, I must say I enjoyed the update. It has a bit more personality to it, especially when it comes to the various stickers and emojis. Plus, with the simple changes above, you can help fix those minor issues and keep on Snapchatting, Tweeting, and Vine-ing away. Wait, didn’t Vine shut down?

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