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How to transfer movies and shows to iPhone or iPad without iTunes


Transferring files to your iPhone or iPad can be complicated. Because typically, you need iTunes to transfer files between iPhone and another computer. And, iTunes has some compatibility issues. So, it might not be the ideal app to use in this circumstance.

For your convenience, we will introduce you to a new app named ‘AnyTrans’. It is compatible with iOS, Mac OS, and even Windows OS. So, you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues anymore.

Now, lets’ see how to transfer files (movies and shows) to iPhone and iPad without iTunes.


Steps to Follow:

  • Download and install AnyTrans on your Windows PC or Mac
  • Launch the AnyTrans app on your PC or Mac
  • Now, connect the iPhone or iPad using the lightning cable
  • Your PC or Mac might prompt to unlock the iPhone or iPad and to tap on ‘Trust’ on your iOS device’s screen
  • In doing so, your device will be recognized by your computer and you can begin the transfer


How AnyTrans Works?

You can transfer files from your iPhone or iPad to your computer in two ways. We will talk about both of these ways. Let’s start with the first method.


Method 1:

  • Once you have launched AnyTrans and connected your device you can start transferring the files
  • First of all, click on the ‘Add Content’ button from the app UI
  • In doing so, a new window will open. You can browse to the location of the file you want to send to your iPhone using that window
  • So, find the video and select it by clicking on it. Then click on the ‘Open’ button from the bottom of the window
  • Next, you can select the category of the file. Normally if it’s a video, it will automatically be added to the Videos list
  • After that, you need to click on the ‘Blue colored Arrow’ button on the right side of the window. And momentarily, the transfer will start
  • You will then see the progress of the transfer on the screen
  • If you want to transfer more files you can follow the same method. Or else, you can click on the ‘X’ icon from the top left corner of the screen to close the app

Now let’s know the second method.


Method 2:

  • After opening the ‘AnyTrans’ app on your computer, scroll down on the main screen click on the ‘Videos’ button under the Category section
  • Now, you will see a lot of sub-categories named ‘Movies, Home Video, TV Shows, Music Videos’ etc. has appeared
  • Click on your desired sub-category and then click the ‘Click to add new content’ option
  • In doing so, a new window will appear and you can navigate to the location of the files you want to transfer. From there select the file and click on the ‘Open’ button from the bottom of the screen
  • Instantly, the transfer will begin. Don't disconnect your device during the transfer process


Last Words:

AnyTrans makes it so simple to transfer files between your iOS device and your computer. There are a lot of additional features on AnyTrans. For example, you can clone/merge the contents of your device, you can also use your iPhone as fast drive etc. You can try all of them.

We hope the tutorial was easy to understand. So, if you need to transfer any files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad, you don't have to use iTunes anymore. AnyTrans is there for you.

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