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How To Use Adobe Illustrator Draw (iOS)

How To Use Adobe Illustrator Draw (iOS)

I must admit, I enjoy drawing. Ever since I was a kid I have greatly valued my time with a blank sheet of paper and crayons, markers, pens, etc. However, I can also admit that my drawing talents are…less than satisfactory. Hey, we can’t all be Michelangelo. (The artist, not the Ninja Turtle.) But my lack of overall artistic skill doesn’t stop me from trying! Maybe I just need a better way to draw. Like an app that’s meant purely for drawing. Yes, that would be perfect! In fact, it’s exactly what today’s app “Adobe Illustrator Draw” is! Funny how that works. Let’s take a look at Adobe Illustrator Draw for iOS devices.


What Is Adobe Illustrator Draw?

I’ve seen my fair share of art-related apps in my day. From coloring books aimed at adults to Photoshop on the go, there’s a good amount of mobile ways to express your artistic side. Adobe Illustrator Draw is a pretty straightforward art app. However, it’s more than just simple scribbling and doodling. There are also many different shapes and tools available for you to try out. But we’ll get more into that in the next section.


How Do You Use It?

When you start up the app, you begin with a basic blank sheet of paper. Which is quite fitting, I must admit. There are a variety of brushes available at your fingertip, allowing you to freehand draw and switch around colors with ease. While this doesn’t always produce the cleanest pictures, you may also tap the “Shapes” option to produce some nice, clean shapes to use for your creations. And, yes, I immediately made the triangle thing from The Legend of Zelda.


Should You Get It?

While desktop software doesn’t always translate well into app form, I must say that Adobe Illustrator Draw worked very well when it came to iOS capability. My only really complaint is the layout of the app, which makes it a bit difficult not to accidentally press the wrong brush while drawing away. But otherwise I had a lot of fun. Even if I’m not the world’s greatest artist. Yet.

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