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How To Use GIF Keyboard (iOS)

How To Use GIF Keyboard (iOS)

The world of texting has changed much since I first began using a cell phone many years ago. While the early days only allowed you to express yourself with simple smiley faces like 🙂 or =) or even XD, things are much more sophisticated now. These days, there’s a whole world of stickers and emojis available to convey your thoughts and feelings. But now, technology has jumped even further. We are now able to communicate through GIFs. You know what that means. The day has come where you can finally text someone that GIF of Spider Man dancing whenever you’d like. What a time to be alive. Now, for those who don’t know, a GIF is a short, looping video image without sound. So it’s like those moving pictures from the newspapers in Harry Potter. Kind of. Let’s take a look at how you can send GIFs using GIF Keyboard for iOS.


What Is GIF Keyboard?

Much like the previously reviewed BitMoji app, GIF Keyboard is an application that acts as an alternative to your standard emojis. However, GIF keyboard specializes in providing a GIF for any mood. Feeling extremely happy? There’s GIFs to represent that. Feeling a bit down? There’s GIFs for that. Angry that somebody ate that slice of pizza you were saving? There’s probably a GIF for that.


How Do You Use It?

Before you start sending GIFs to all your friends, you simply need to set GIF Keyboard as one of your main keyboards. You can do this by going to the keyboard section in your general settings, looking at the current keyboards you’re using, and tapping “Add New Keyboard”. After you choose GIF Keyboard, you’re all ready to start providing the world with plenty of wonderful GIFs. Like that one with the smiling dog. I like that one.


Is There Anything Else?

However, it’s not as simple as tapping a GIF to send it. Once you tap the one you’d like to send, it immediately copies to your clipboard. After that, you simply need to paste it into the message section, hit send, and comprehend that we are truly living in the future.

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