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How To Use GoodReads (iOS)

How To Use GoodReads (iOS)

I can admit that I’m not very good at reading. Not in the sense that I’m not great at the actuall “reading” part. Even if I don’t proofread these articles. (Note to self: take that out later.) What I mean is I have a terrible habit of starting a book, getting halfway through, and forgetting all about it. However, maybe there’s an app that can help me out with that. Maybe. On an unrelated note, today I’m reviewing GoodReads for iOS devices.


What Is GoodReads?

GoodReads is a bit of a difficult app to explain as I’ve never quite used anything like it. The main objective of the app is to help you discover new books to read that fit your personal preferences. So, for me, lots of comic books with lots of explosions. They just make for good reads, you know?


How Do You Use It?

You begin using the app by selecting some of your favorite genres, such as Romance or Science Fiction. From there, you rate twenty different books you’ve read, which may seem like a daunting task at first. Until you remember there were seven Harry Potter books. After you’ve reviewed your books, you will have selections ready to read in the future. Additionally, you can add to your “to read” section to choose what you want to check out in the future. Which, for me, again, includes plenty of comic books with plenty of explosions.


How Is It?

GoodReads works well on a few different levels. On the one hand, you get to find new books recommended for your tastes, kind of the way music apps or Netflix will give you recommendations. Additionally, you get a main hub to know what books you’ve already read. So it’s kind of like a librarian in your mind that knows what you’ve already read and suggests new books for you. Yeah, that sounds pretty cool.

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