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How To Use Hanx Writer iOS

How To Use Hanx Writer (iOS)

The typewriter is one of those relics from the past that has managed to not only remain iconic, but gain a certain cool factor. Much like vinyl records or parachute pants, people still believe the typewriter, while very frustrating to use, to give their writing a certain flair. But what if you don’t want to shell out a bunch of money for a giant heavy keyboard you’ll only end up using for a week? Well, the Hanx writer is here, an app that simulates a classic typewriter. How do you use it? Is it any good? Well, what say I write an article and tell you? OK cool.



How Does It Work?

Once you open up the Hanx Writer app, you’re presented with a blank page and the basic typewriter keys. From there, you can begin typing away that story you thought of about a magical boy attending a school for wizards. I hope that hasn’t been done before. Once you’re done writing, you can also share your work in PDF form.



Is It Any Good?

Hanx Writer is one of those apps that’s very aesthetically pleasing. While it doesn’t have a ton to offer, it does capture the feel of typing away on a typewriter. Additionally, it’s not one of those apps where you just write down a bunch of words and can’t do anything with it. (I’m looking at you, certain notepad apps.) Hanx Writer allows you to share your work, meaning you can really get that feeling of writing your novel under candlelight on your typewriter. Well, if you have a candlelight app.



Should You Get It?

Whether you’re a writer or not, you should check out Hanx Writer just for fun. While it may not replace your laptop by any means, it’s a good mixture of a typewriter simulator and word processor. Also, it was apparently created by Tom Hanks. So there’s that.

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