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How To Use Hash iOS

How To Use Hash (iOS)

Hashtags are still a relatively new thing. Ten years ago, we didn’t even know what a hashtag was. And now people #use #them #for #every #word. However, there’s a reason they’re so popular – they’re actually quite useful for seeing what’s popular at the moment. However, in the vast sea of hashtags, it can be difficult to really see what’s going on. If only there was a way to see everything in a simple, accessible way. (I’m doing a set-up, can you tell?) Well, Hash might be just the app you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at how to use the app for iOS.



What Is Hash?

While unfortunately it isn’t an app that delivers hash browns to your front door, Hash is a way to see all the top trending stories in one convenient place. Someday we’ll get that hashbrown app. Someday…



How Do You Use It?

What’s great about Hash is just how simple it is to use. If you choose to login, you can see a video rounding up all the current stories. After that, it’s all about looking through the top stories. You can begin by scrolling around to see the major trends. As you scroll down, you’ll also see some different specialized categories. You can subscribe to stories and categories alike by swiping the section you’d like.



The Bottom Line

In the increasingly complex world of social media news, Hash is a great way to keep everything simple and in one place. When looking through what’s trending on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll often see tons of random words such as #IceCream with no context whatsoever. Is the world’s supply of ice cream depleting? You’d never know. Well, unless you click the word. However, Hash adds some flair and personality to the world of online trends, with the ability to subscribe being the cherry on top. Although, if the world really was running out of ice cream, you couldn’t even have a cherry on top. I don’t want to think of something so horrifying..

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