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How To Use Loop (iOS)

How To Use Loop (iOS)

Everybody loves a good GIF. It has all the best parts of watching a video without all the need for volume or a full attention span. But is it possible to make a GIF on your own? Haven't we all wanted to see ourselves in the an image reminiscent of the talking pictures from Harry Potter? (Have I made that joke before?) Well, with Loop for iOS devices, you can. Let’s take a look at how to use the app and GIF-ify yourself. (GIF-ify is totally a word. Don’t lo  ok it up, just trust me.)


What Is Loop?

Like I said, Loop gives you a way to make a GIF on your own. Now I know what you may be thinking. “Does this mean I can put all of Captain America: Civil War into one convenient GIF and then watch it in super-modern mode?” Well, no. Even if that would be pretty awesome. With Loop, you can only make GIFs out of images you take yourself.


How Do You Use It?

Using Loop is an interesting combination of taking pictures and video editing. Kind of. You begin by taking as many images as you’d like to make your GIF. From there, you can add some pretty interesting editing options. You have the option to push the button on the bottom left for some artsy filters such as hand-drawn and 8-bit. You can also choose the bottom right button, which gives you a few different collage options.


The Bottom Line

Loop is a very fun app to play around with. Whether you’re a fan of the world of GIFs or you just like arguing how it’s pronounced (it’s with a g by the way), you’ll have a great time with the app. You can even use it for claymation stop motion-ey projects if you’d like! Even though those are super hard to make.

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