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How To Use Old Sport (iOS)

How To Use Old Sport (iOS)

I’ve used plenty of different recipe apps in my day. And, yes, they’ve all gone way over my head. After all, I’m still a bit scared to use the stove. And not many recipes call for you to use the microwave. Well, except for those little pizza pockets. I love those things. Anyways, where was I going with this? While I’ve tried out a myriad of different cooking recipe apps, I’ve never tried out any drink recipe apps. Which I’m trying out today. It’s called Old Sport. And it’s for iOS devices. That is all.


What Is Old Sport?

Old Sport is a recipe app for making a variety of drinks. Like the many different cooking apps I’ve tried out, it gives you many different recipes along with everything you’ll need in order to make it. However, Old Sport takes a slightly different approach. You see, you begin by checking of all the ingredients you currently have. For example, I began by putting in the only ingredient I have. Which was orange juice. Which I’m almost out of.


How Do You Use It?

Like I said, you begin using the app by checking off all the different ingredients you currently have. From there, you’re given a list of different drinks you can make from the given ingredients. And you even get a nice tidbit about the drinks you can make. For example, did you know that it’s called a screwdriver because it used to be stirred with a screwdriver? I don’t know about you but I’ve got my next dinner party topic!


The Bottom Line

Old Sport takes the old formula of recipe apps and gives it a much-needed spin. By starting out with checking off your ingredients, you’re able to easily keep track of all the drinks you can make in the palm of your hand. Additionally, the extra tidbit of info you get on the drink gives an extra bit of fun to an already great app.

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