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How To Use SideChef (iOS)

How To Use SideChef (iOS)

I’ve gotten into a bit of a groove when it comes to reviewing cooking apps. Now is this because I have some kind of reinvigorated love of cooking? Of course not – there’s just a lot of them out there and I could always use some new apps to review. Does this mean that I may still someday get interested in cooking again? Probably not. But there’s always a chance. Let’s take a look at the SideChef app for iOS devices.


What Is SideChef?

SideChef is an app for walking you through various recipes. Now, I’ve seen a few of these before so I now have a bit more of a vision when it comes to what a cooking app will generally include. Does SideChef bring anything new to the table? It does! But I’ll have to get into that later, won’t I? I mean, I wouldn’t want to spoil it now.


How Do You Use It?

You begin your cooking session by deciding which recipe you’re in the mood for. Want a spinach pesto grilled cheese? It’s on there. Maybe some kale mac and cheese? It’s up there too. Want some three cheese oyster gratin? I’m not sure what that is. But go ahead and make it. By tapping the recipe, you can find all the ingredients and steps to make it. However, here comes the best part: you can also tap the “start cooking” button for a video tutorial, complete with timers.


The Bottom Line

SideChef may very well be one of the greatest cooking apps I’ve experienced so far. Not only does it have a great interface and large number of recipes, the app also has the very innovative videos, which help you step by step and even provide timers. It’s like having your own little cooking assistant. Now only if it could do all of the cooking…

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