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iOS10 Is On Its Way

It can be very tough to keep up on all the different versions, updates, and software jargon of smartphones. My phone has been harassing me for the past month about the need for an update, but I simply won’t do it. Partially because I'm lazy. But partially because I don’t even really understand what the huge difference is. But most iOS users definitely do, as iOS Mania sweeps the globe every time a new version is announced. Let’s take a look at iOS 10, the newest, shiniest version of the system.


What Are The Benefits Of iOS 10?

So if you’re going to spend the time to upgrade to the updated operating system, you’re probably curious as to what the benefits are. Unless you just like downloading things without asking questions. I won’t judge. One of the features highlighted in the announcement is the ability to use many functions directly from the lock screen, such as answering messages. Which is perfect for those of us who want to get the most from our smartphones but are too lazy to open the lock screen.


What Else?

Outside of the lock screen shenanigans, iOS10 will feature improvements to everything from the system’s photos to its mapping application. Both seem like pretty good improvements, full of technical jargon none of us will understand until we actually play around with it. In other words, lots of use of the word “algorithm”. I’m pretty sure even web developers don’t know what that word means.


Will It Be Available For Everything?

As with most of the newest, shiniest software updates, it’s only available for the newest, shiniest devices. That means if you still have your very first iPod from 2002, you probably won’t be able to download iOS 10. Just call it a hunch.

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