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iOS Keyboard Review: Animal Stickers

iOS Keyboard Review: Animal Stickers

Now that I’ve dipped my toe into the water of iOS stickers (that’s a saying, right?), I feel pretty confident reviewing more sticker keyboards in the future. Perhaps it will even be my new feature, where I talk about the pros and cons of each new keyboard that debuts on the market. Well, as long as I don’t have to pay for them of course. Anyways, let’s take a look at the Animal Stickers keyboard for iOS devices.


What Is Animal Stickers?

While it’s pretty self explanatory from the title (like many things I review), Animal Stickers is a collection of, well, animal stickers. The stickers have quite the solid range of animals, something I’ll get into later. This is a full review after all. I wouldn’t want to spoil what the pros and cons of the keyboard this early.


How Is The Keyboard?

Overall, I enjoyed the Animal Stickers keyboard. While it wasn’t anything extremely flashy, I can say that all the animals were pretty cute. And, speaking of animals, boy there were a ton of them. I saw walruses, dogs, and even unicorns. Wait a second, are unicorns even considered animals? Aren’t they more or less mythical creatures? Am I overthinking this at all? My only real complaint is pretty minor – the lack of animation. While everything was extremely adorable, I must say that it would be even cuter with just a little bit of movement. I mean is there anything cuter than a walrus dancing? I’ll answer that for you: no.


The Bottom Line

If you just want something fun and cute, Animal Stickers is the keyboard for you. And, since everyone wants things that are fun and cute, I’ll go ahead and assume that Animal Stickers is perfect for you. While it could be improved with a little extra work, the ability to text some cute little creatures to your friends will always be a winner in my book.

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