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Knight Story iOS Review

We’ve all wanted to live the lifestyle of a knight in shining armor. Swords and shields, dragons and magic, chamber pots. OK, maybe not chamber pots. But it would be fun overall! Well, with Knight Story for iOS devices, you can finally have that experience. Minus the chamber pots. Because ewww. Is it worth the download? I’m not sure, but I will know once I finish writing this review.



The Basics

Knight Story jumped out to me immediately for one reason: its animated cutscene at the beginning. As soon as you boot up the game a nice animation shows. It looked pretty well done, almost like a full on cartoon. But the cutscene ended quickly and really didn’t show me much about the world of Knight Story. Not only that, it was the only animated cutscene I experienced my entire time with the game. Did I feel ripped off? Not really. I’ll just go and watch cartoons on my own time. Like a responsible adult.



The Gameplay

Knight Story mixes a few different types of game together to great effect. Utilizing parts of Candy Crush puzzle games and classic RPGs, the game blends both seamlessly. You’ll try and drag across as many similar looking symbols to attack your enemy or defend yourself. And, like a classic RPG, it’s completely turn-based. There’s even a bit of Pokemon influence here, as different elemental attacks are strong against each other. Are you sick of me referencing Pokemon in these reviews yet? Of course not!



Is It Fun?

Knight Story proved to be a very interesting game. The mixed gameplay style made it more interactive than a usual RPG, and more visually captivating than a basic puzzle game. It made the game much harder to put down, as it wasn’t like anything I’d played before. Something else that stood out to me was the use of humor throughout. There’s plenty of jokes and randomness to be found, and it really made the entire experience more memorable.



The Bottom Line

On the outside looking in, Knight Story for iOS devices looked a bit generic. From its simple name to its simpler thumbnail, I wasn’t expecting too much. However, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The game tries and succeeds to create an innovative puzzle RPG. Which goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. Or app by its cover. Or whatever.

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