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Lego Star Wars Saga iOS Review

Have you ever heard of either Star Wars or Legos? While not very well known, these two obscure companies have come together to produce a game: Lego Star Wars. For the uninitiated, Star Wars is a series of movies where things happen in space. Legos, on the other hand, are small plastic blocks that are meant to be stepped on for extreme amounts of pain. Even though you may not be aware of what either one is, let’s shine the spotlight on the collaboration between both worlds: Lego Star Wars Saga for iOS.



The Basics

Joking aside, come on now, it’s Star Wars meeting Legos. The game is set in the universe of Star Wars where absolutely everything is Lego-ified. The games are actually from the Lego Star Wars console series, but adapted for iOS phones. How do I know that? I actually did research for this one! Shocked yet? So am I.



The Gameplay

Lego Star Wars is an action game where you fight and solve puzzles in order to defeat the Lego Dark Side. There are two control options available: classic and touch. With classic, you get a digital control pad and digital buttons visible on the screen. With touch screen, everything becomes instantly impossible and everything falls apart. Sorry to editorialize, but definitely go with the classic controls. Just trust me on this one.



Is It Good?

I was very surprised with the gameplay of Lego Star Wars. The digital controls actually gave me a pretty decent feeling of, well, control. I’ve long found that what really separates mobile games and console games is the feeling of control. I’ve shouted from the rooftops that a physical controller gives you a better experience than touch controls. I’ve also subsequently been told to stop shouting and get off the roof. While not 100% perfect, the controls of Lego Star Wars made me feel like I was actually swinging a lightsaber at these Lego robots. Which has always been a personal dream of mine.



The Bottom Line

Even if you don’t know what either Legos or Star Wars is (liar!), you should have some fun with this game. Lego Star Wars provides one of the best arguments for more console-style games on mobile phones. Additionally, the game looks great. Having everything Lego-ified makes the game very memorable and appealing. If you love Star Wars, give it a shot. If you love Legos, give it a shot. If you’d prefer a game mixing Star Trek and Mega Blocks, you’re out of luck. I’m sorry.

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