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Leps World iOS Review

In one of my many articles I reviewed Andrio’s World, Android’s answer to Super Mario. Was it any good? You’ll have to read the article to find out. OK I’ll save you some time: it wasn't. Andrio’s World ripped off everything from the enemies to the sounds of Super Mario. The entire experience just felt like a generic version of Super Mario. And so, the quest for a mobile Mario-like experience continues. Does Lep’s World on iOS add anything new to the table? I’ll tell you, but only if you’re good.



The Story

Lep’s World wastes no time in showing you its rich backstory. A charming comic presents the tragic tale of our hero. Lep is a leprechaun sleeping on a pile of gold, which must give him terrible neck stiffness. Suddenly, a tornado strikes the world Lep lives in (which is called Lep’s World I assume.) Because Lep refuses to use a bank, all his gold is scattered throughout the land. So instead of saving a princess, Lep is just looking to regain financial stability. I’m not going to lie, he’s coming off as a bit selfish in this quest.



How Is It?

I must say, I was pretty impressed with the basic gameplay of Lep’s World. The platforming was surprisingly smooth, and I found myself a little excited to get to the next level. Additionally, the controls actually worked pretty well, as I felt fairly accurate in my platform jumping. It may have helped that the game was a bit on the easier side, but I felt pretty accomplished blazing through levels. And a win's a win in my book.




While the fluid gameplay is a nice surprise, there just isn't much charm to Lep’s World. All the enemies are simple looking bugs, with nothing memorable added to them. The appearance of the levels isn’t anything special either. Each level feels somewhat like “Super Mario with shamrocks.” However, I did like the addition of projectile pinecones. Any game where you can defeat an enemy by chucking a pinecone at them always earns a few points with me.



Should You Get It?

I can honestly say Lep’s World is not a bad game. Sure, it’s mostly unoriginal, but I did find myself having a little fun playing it. The controls worked pretty well, the level design made for some fun platforming, and I actually looked forward to the next level at times. So if you’re looking for some mobile Mario-style gaming and don’t care too much about originality, give Lep’s World a shot. While I didn’t beat the game, I’m hoping the ending involves Lep opening a checking account to put all his gold in. It would be much more responsible.

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