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Lifestage Now On iOS

Lifestage Now On iOS

Ever since I got a Facebook, I’ve checked it pretty periodically. And by that I mean way too many times each day, Heck, I checked it ten times just while writing this article. But there’s a reason that Facebook defeated all others and has become the undisputed king of social media: it’s really well designed. Everything is simple and sleek, and it’s very easy on the eyes. And now, Facebook has released a brand new app called Lifestage. Will I be spending all of my time on Lifestage instead of Facebook from now on? Will I ever get work done ever again? Let’s take a look.



What Is Lifestage?

Lifetsage is kind of like Facebook without all of the words. And pictures. And people over the age of 21. Allow me to explain. You see, Lifestage is a social media platform on iOS devices in which you can speak and answer questions in pure video form. But wait, what was that whole age thing about? Well…



Wait, What?

That’s right, if you’re over the age of 21, Lifestage might not be the most useful app in the world. Mainly because you can’t exactly use it. While you’ll be able to download the app if you’re over the recommended age, you’ll only be able to create a profile, not see other people’s videos. So it’s like YouTube if you could only post videos and not see anybody else’s.



Should You Get It?

If you’re of the recommended age, Lifestage definitely sounds like an interesting idea. It almost seems like LiveJournal (another classic internet site from my youth) but strictly for video content. However, if you’re over 21, it doesn’t seem worth it to simply create videos to release to the void. Unless that’s just your style. I won’t judge.

Facebook Launches Lifestage, iOS App for Teenagers

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