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Microgolf Masters iOS Review

I’m going to be completely honest, I love miniature golf. It’s all the fun of golf minus all the walking and use of muscles. However, it’s not always easy to get out to miniature golf. It costs money and means that you have to got out of the house. And nobody wants to do that. Well what if I told you that you could have all the fun of miniature golf without all the terror of the outdoors? That’s right, you can still have all of the magic of mini golf at the swipe of a finger with Microgolf Masters for iOS devices.



The Basics

Now, to be totally honest, I’ve played some golf games in my day. And, to be totally honest, I’ve never been any good at them. Much like real golf, they generally require patience, control, and focus. And I have none of those things. But, like I said, miniature golf is much better than regular golf. Does that mean Microgolf Masters for iOS is the greatest golf game I’ve ever played? Yeah, kinda.



The Gameplay

Much like with actual mini golf, it’s all about a mixture of geometry and self control. Both of which I wasn’t very good at in school. However, Microgolf Masters makes everything pretty accessible and rewarding. All of the putting is done through swiping, which really works quite well for this game. You’re given a good amount of control, meaning if you mess up it’s pretty much all your fault. IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT. Sorry, that’s a bit dramatic.



Is It Fun?

When I first took a look at Microgolf Masters, I thought it almost looked too simple. But I was definitely wrong to think that was a bad thing. You see, the simple look of the game works for mini golf. I mean, despite the fact that most minigolf courses have giant statues of gorillas, dragons, and giant buildings throughout. Something I really enjoyed about Microgolf Masters was the online play. It gives you a real sense of actually playing minigolf with someone. Because you don’t want to play minigolf alone. You don’t want to be that guy.



The Bottom Line

Microgolf Masters kind of reminds me of those web games I would play in my younger days. They were simple, free, and allowed for online play. And meant to be played in small doses, which is perfect for mobile gaming. So, instead of taking out your significant other for a round of minigolf, just sit down and play Microgolf Masters with them. It’ll be much cheaper and take much less effort. I’m sure they’ll understand.

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