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Momentum Habit Tracker iOS Review

Momentum Habit Tracker iOS Review

Humans are creatures of habit. I have nothing to back that up, I just heard it in a movie once. Because we are so driven by our habitual routines, we often need a way to keep ourselves in line. Like the carrot you put in front of horses to make them go faster. Even though there are plenty of more delicious foods out there than carrots. Well, today we’re looking at an application that will be very useful for keeping those habits in line. Let’s take a look at the Momentum Habit Tracker for iOS devices.


What Is Momentum?

Momentum is an app that assists you in keeping track of your daily/weekly/bi-quarterly habits. Trying to go on a long walk every day? Momentum can help keep you on the right track. Attempting to write poetry three times a week? Momentum can help you with that. Want to learn the electric guitar, practicing daily until you’re the greatest rock and roller in the world? Well, that’s just awesome. And Momentum can help you with that.


How Do You Use It?

Once you start up the app, you will see your weekly habits and where you are at. For example, if you’ve practiced saxophone two out of the three days a week you are aiming for, it will say something like “Saxophone 2/3”. In order to confirm you’ve completed your task for the day, simply tap the activity and the dates on the calendar you’ve done the task. To add new habits, simply tap the plus sign in the top right and organize everything from your weekly target to alarm option.


Do I Recommend It?

While I’m not the most organized person in the world, I could see Momentum being a pretty huge benefit. My only real issue with the app is that it only allows three habits at a time unless you pay for the premium version. But, considering it’s a free app without ads, I suppose that’s a pretty good deal.

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