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Mr.Crab 2 iOS Review

I’ve gone through a lot of sequels in my day without ever taking a look at the original. It all goes back to my childhood. (Yaay! Story time!) I still remember this one time as a kid going to the library, wanting to check out a Harry Potter book. You see, this is back in the days of XTREME Harry Potter mania. Just in case you needed some background. Well, they didn’t have the first book, but they did have the second one. I read it and had no idea what in the world was going on. Is that the same case with today’s game? Let’s issue a spoiler alert and see if I missed something huge from Mr. Crab 1 while taking a look at Mr. Crab 2 for iOS devices.



The Basics

So, what is the story of Mr Crab 2? Did I miss some major plot points from the first Mr. Crab game? Well, in this game, you are a crab trying to save other crabs. Is it possible that the first game shows you beginning as a regular human and slowly turning into a crab, cursing the scientist that did this to you? No. That’s probably not it.



The Gameplay

Mr. Crab is an endless running game. Or endless crawling game. Endless scuttling game? Anyways, you endlessly go. Your only controls are jumping around. Now normally that would be a bit of a turn-off for me, as we’ve all seen that formula before. However, Mr. Crab 2 has many branching pathways, many ways to change your path, and many exact jumps you’ll have to make. Which, I must say, makes it pretty interesting.



Is It Fun?

Mr. Crab 2 was a pretty interesting experience. It offers a much-needed twist on the endless runner genre, adding some extra elements to the mix. The simple controls and ability to go through a number of a different paths makes it a pretty fun adventure. Additionally, the graphics are quite stunning. It almost seems like this could have been a console game from years ago. It almost looks like going into the actual jungle, just without being terrified of everything.



The Bottom Line

Overall, Mr. Crab 2 suprised me with its fun gameplay and charming appearance.
While I’ve never played the original Mr. Crab, (as I made abundantly clear in the first two sections of this review), I can already tell this must be even better. Unless the first Mr. Crab let you use a bazooka to blast everything out of your way. Tough call.

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