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Ookujira-Giant Whale Rampage iOS Review

Whales are pretty cool animals. They’re huge, they’re mammals just like us, and they can make that one really cool noise. Surprisingly, there haven’t been many games based on whales. In fact, the only movie about whales that comes to mind is Free Willy. Well imagine that if at the end of Free Willy, the whale escaped and thrashed through the city. Oh, and fought aliens. Well, that would have been an awesome ending in the first place. Anyways, here’s a look at Ookujira Giant Whale Rampage for iOS devices.



The Basics

While whales are mammals, they spend their time mostly in the water. At least I think they do. I’m not a marine biologist or anything. Well, this game shows your whale rampaging through the city and fighting with aliens. Well, to be fair, you’re not exactly rampaging. You’re more jumping from rooftop to rooftop. But fighting aliens as a giant whale is fighting aliens with a giant whale in my book.



The Gameplay

This game really reminded me of a more focused version of Flappy Bird. Unlike Flappy Bird, which was more of an arcade game with no real obstacles, Ookujira Giant Whale Rampage is all about jumping to the next rooftop and getting rid of the aliens. The controls are similar, as you can keep tapping to make your whale fly higher and higher in the air. Which, while cool, probably can’t happen in real life. Probably.



Is It Fun?

I must say, this is a pretty fun game. Using the Flappy Bird style of gameplay while also throwing in some originality, Ookujira Giant Whale Rampage (which is a long title and very difficult to keep typing out) makes for a good arcade style game. However, I do have one complaint, which may sounds like the strangest statement ever: for being a game about a giant whale jumping from rooftop to rooftop and fighting aliens, there’s not much personality. While there’s some creative ideas, it never really jumps out at you. Maybe it just needs one extra creative idea. I’d think of something, but then the idea would be stealable. Plus, it would take effort.



The Bottom Line

This game was a pretty addictive experience with an interesting (and odd) basic idea. Additionally, the art and style are pretty well done. However, it just needs a little extra creativity thrown in to make it a more memorable experience. Maybe give the whale a shotgun? (OK, that’s a freebie. You can steal that idea.)

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