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Paperless Post iOS Review

Paperless Post iOS Review

Everybody likes to get a nice greeting card. Whether you just helped a friend move and got a thank you card or got a nice birthday card on the big day, there’s a special feeling about holding that card from somebody else. But what if you want to give someone else a card for a special occasion but want it to be a bit more personal? Well, you can always make the card of course! Except what if, like myself, you don’t have the artistic abilities to create such cards? Well, thankfully, there’s apps such as Paperless Post to help us out with that.


What Is Paperless Post?

Paperless Post (which is an extremely catchy name by the way) is an app for creating any kind of greeting card you can think of. There’s tons of categories, from basic thank you cards to seasonally based cards. In addition to choosing what’s on the card, you’re able to choose text style and colors.


How Is The App?

I must say, I like the idea of Paperless Post. Creating a way for people to easily make their own cards is a very innovative idea. Now, while this may pain my fellow money savers, some of these will cost money. I know, I know. However, it’s all not that expensive. Different designs will cost different amounts of coins, which will individually cost certain amounts of money. Which is kind of strange when you really think about it. It’s like using coins to pay for more coins. Like some kind of magician’s trick.


The Bottom Line

Paperless Post is a great idea for an app. As somebody that finds greeting cards a bit overpriced and impersonal, (please don’t be mad, big greeting card companies), I could definitely see myself using this. Unless you actually have the artistic ability to make your own cards. Then go ahead and do that.

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