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Platform Panic iOS Review

Platformers will always be one of my favorite game genres. I fell in love with them in my younger days on the family Super Nintendo and play many to this day. Does this make me some kind of expert on platforming games? I guess so? No? I’ll still talk like one. Because this is the internet. And I can say whatever I want. Like let’s take a look at Platform Panic for iOS devices. Which is what we’re doing today.



The Basics

Like I said, I’ve played a good amount of platform games in my day. And, while I used to only play them on dedicated gaming devices, I’ve expanded to mobile devices for the purpose of reviews. Have they been any good? I’ll put it this way…no. Not really. You see, most of the platformers I’ve played on mobile devices simply take the basic Super Mario formula and add generic visuals and clunky controls. They want so desperately to be Mario but they also want to not get sued, meaning you end up with an eclectic mix of boring and strange ripoffs. And still some of them look fairly sueable. Is Platform Panic like these Mario ripoffs? No. Not at all.



The Gameplay

Platform Panic has a pretty basic concept. You’re a small blue…marshmallow? Cloud? Ghost? You’re a small blue thing that simply needs to get through some basic platforming obstacles. There are no saves, meaning that you need to start from the beginning if you fail. However, it’s not like you have to go through the same obstacles in the same order. Every level randomizes, meaning it’s highly unlikely you’ll start with the same room your first time in a single playthrough. Which is nice if you’ve got a short attention span like certain app reviewers. Me, I’m referencing me.



Is It Fun?

I must say that Platform Panic is the greatest platform game I’ve played on mobile devices. The art style is nice and doesn’t just copy the looks of classic games. It looks clean and futuristic while also having some retro appeal. The levels themselves are also pretty original, and I had a good amount of fun with each one. Isn’t it refreshing to not hear me complain about a mobile platformer for once?



The Bottom Line

Those looking to develop mobile games could learn a lot from Platform Panic. It’s one of those games that not only surprised me, but raised the bar for mobile games. It looks good, it plays good, and it’s pretty addictive. And that’s all I can say. It’s good. Review over.

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