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Problems With iOS 10?

Problems With iOS 10?

It’s finally here and it’s sweeping the nation: iOS 10 mania! But while we’re all eager to get a shiny new version of iOS, are there some problems with it? Has it failed to live up to the hype? Are people running into issues with the new system? Am I going to stop with the hypothetical questions and just get on with the story? Yes. Yes I am. Eventually. Let’s take a look at how the release for iOS 10 is going.


What’s Happening?

Well, it looks like that whole iOS 10 rollout has not quite gone as planned. On the day of its release, many iPhones and iPads were “bricked”. No, the update didn’t literally turn the phones into bricks. Which, while useful for building houses, can’t even connect to Wi-Fi. At least not yet. Maybe when we get the iBrick. But no, they didn’t really turn to bricks. That would just be silly.


Wait, What?

For the uninitiated, “bricking” is when a phone or tablet becomes pretty much useless for a period of time. That’s right, many early users pretty much had expensive paperweights instead of luxury mobile devices after the update, meaning they had to go most of the day without checking how many likes they've gotten on Instagram. OH THE HUMANITY!


What Does This Mean?

While the issue (which I’ve decided to name BrickMania 2016) affected many early downloaders, it doesn’t appear as though it should be a problem any longer. Apple has claimed the issue has been fixed. However, I wonder if people will be hesitant to download the update now that these issues have been publicized. Will you be less likely to download the update after hearing this news? Because I might hold off. At least until I forget and accidentally hit the update button.



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