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Should You Get Apple Music

Don’t you fondly remember the days of going to the store and lugging home handfuls of expensive CD’s? Of course you don’t! That’s why streaming music has become such a popular way of listening to the same Carly Rae Jepsen song thirty time in a row. But which service should you choose? Everyone from Google to Ask Jeeves (probably) has their own music subscription service at this point. Well, one that’s particularly interesting is Apple Music, a competitor to Spotify and the rest. Is it any good? You’ll see. But only if you keep reading.



What Is Apple Music?

As I said, Apple Music is a music streaming service along the lines of Spotify and Google Play Music. But what do they bring to the table that the other platforms do not? Well, perhaps most importantly, what don’t they not bring to the table that others won’t? Wait, that doesn’t make sense. There is one thing that sets it apart: Beats 1 Radio. The feature, which is very similar to Sirius XM, showcases celebrity hosts such as Elton John and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend fame. But is that feature enough to draw people away from their Spotify's and Alta Vista Musics? Well, we will discuss that in the next section. Because it’s called “Should You Get It?” It just makes sense.



Should You Get It?

The only real defining quality of Apple Music is the Beats 1 Radio. And, from what I can tell, you can still listen to that without subscribing to Apple Music. So there’s that. Everything else, including price and music availability, is comparable to Spotify and Google Play Music. Google Play All Access gives you free YouTube Red, and has podcasts available. And Spotify…was the first one? I’m actually not sure what they have to offer in comparison.



The Bottom Line

When you’re trying to decide on your streaming needs, you may find it pretty tough to find something that fits your needs and budget. As it is right now, there doesn’t seem to be enough to make me switch from Google Play All Access to Apple Music. Even though their name is shorter and easier to type. It was a tough choice.

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