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Super Mario Run Coming To Android After iOS


Super Mario Run Coming To Android After iOS

I’ve talked a lot about Super Mario games in my time writing about mobile apps. And that’s mainly because I miss the simplicity of life when I was a kid, spending my days playing Mario and not having to worry about taxes or eating right. But we can get into my long and interesting backstory later. We’re here to talk about a Super Mario game coming to mobile phones. Yes, you read that right. I hope you were sitting down when you got that bit of shocking news.


What‘s Going On?

Nintendo has officially announced a new app coming to mobile phones called Super Mario Run. The game is about, well, Super Mario running. I suppose you could have solved that mystery on your own. The release is interesting news in that Nintendo is generally very hesitant to put their big-name characters on mobile devices. The game is coming to both iOS and Android devices, but there’s a catch! It’s coming to iOS first.


Wait, What?

That’s right, Super Mario is running to iOS platforms before Android. Now, while you could let rage overcome you, curse the big wigs at Apple, and go throw an actual apple against a wall, you probably shouldn’t. Plus, that’s a waste of a perfectly good apple. The iOS version will be released in December, with an Android release later on. Hopefully “later” just means thirty seconds after the iOS release.


What Does This Mean?

While it’s too bad Android users can’t experience the simple joy of running around in overalls and collecting coins until after the iOS release, it’s good to see such a fun looking new app come to the Google Play Store. I personally enjoyed Nintendo’s other app Miitomo quite a bit, so I’m excited to see what else they have to offer when it comes to mobile games.





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