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Updated Music App For iOS10

Updated Music App For iOS 10

The music streaming business has certainly flourished over the years. Considering there was a time when if you wanted to listen to music on the go your options were to: A) walk around with a cassette player like it was 1986 B) spend hours downloading CD’s onto your computer and slowly dragging each track to your iPod or 3) actually have to walk around without listening to anything, I’d say things have improved vastly. Well, now that streaming is the top way to listen to music, there are plenty of steadily improving options. One of the most recent streaming options to gain popularity is Apple Music. Let’s take a look at how the app will improve as iOS 10 becomes available.



What Is Apple Music?

Apple Music premiered as the brand new iOS music app to compete with the likes of Spotify/Google Play/the ever growing list of streaming apps. The app had some pretty interesting features, such as Beats1 Radio, but wasn’t without its faults. Will iOS 10 make it a must-see? Or must-listen? Must-hear? Let’s find out.



What Has Changed?

One improvement for the music app will be the “For You” section. The feature, which is meant to help you find some new tunes to listen to, will now make things a bit easier to find playlists and songs based on what you’ve been listening to. Additionally, the Apple Connect feature allows you to keep up with content from your favorite bands with ease.



Other Cool Stuff

While the Beats 1 Radio feature hasn’t really changed, it looks like your music library will be easier to look through. The new update allows you to move from category to category effortlessly. However, I haven’t gotten to my favorite part yet: the Lyrics option. For certain songs, tapping the Lyrics button will allow you to follow along as you listen to your favorite jams. Does this means I’m going to be kicked off of the bus for loudly singing along to Ke$ha? Yes, yes it does.

Get to know iOS 10's new Music app

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