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Weird iOS Stickers

Weird iOS Stickers

One of the best-known additions to the latest iOS update is the addition of stickers. Just think of them as groups of emojis that are more varied and expressive. That you also have to pay for sometimes. Well, naturally, tons of people have gotten on board for this new sticker thing. And, also naturally, there’s going to some pretty interesting additions. (Pro Tip: Interesting is the nice way to say weird.) So let’s take a look at some of the more “interesting” offerings from the world of iOS stickers.


If Llamas Could Talk

Have you ever wondered what would happen if, in some alternate Twilight Zone-like universe, llamas could talk? Of course you have! Well, enough people must have asked the very same question, as developers decided to make a sticker keyboard for it. This one’s not so much in the weirdness of the app itself – but that it costs money. I mean, would I spend actual cash to see a talking llama? Well, of course I would. Just not for a keyboard of them.


Watermelon Willy

Much like in the alternate universe presented by If Llamas Could Talk. Watermelon Willy gives us insight into a world where watermelons are given personality. And looked a bit…odd. Now, I’m not saying that I could adequately design a watermelon with humanoid qualities. But Watermelon Willy scares me. A lot. Let’s move on.


Meme Generator

Ahh, here we are: the magnum opus of strange stickers. But there’s one issue with this particular entry. You see, it’s not even technically a sticker keyboard. Instead, while claiming to be one of the many keyboards for stickers, Meme Generator is just an app that downloads onto your phone, is very difficult to use, and bombards you with advertisements. However, even if it were just a keyboard of different meme stickers, it would probably still be pretty odd.

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