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Panorama Mode Now On Windows10 Mobile

Panorama Mode Now On Windows 10 Mobile

One of the greatest things that smartphones every replaced is cameras. I still remember the dark days of people having to bring their digital cameras everywhere, upload the photos onto their computers, and tag everyone on the popular social media of the time. You’d have to wait weeks just to see low resolution pictures of yourself at a party. Truly those were difficult times. However, mobile phone cameras have not only replaced the old portable cameras, they’ve added so much more. Let’s talk about one great feature in particular that’s coming to cameras on certain Windows Phones.



What’s The Deal?

Well, here’s the deal. All Windows 10 mobile phones will now have panorama mode included. For the uninitiated, a panorama is when you take a photo and extend the view in a wider shot. So it’s kind of like if you taped three different cameras together and took one wide photo. However, with the new panorama mode on Windows 10, you won’t need to tape all your cameras together any longer. What a relief!



Should You Use It?

Personally, I have never used a panoramic camera. However, I have seen friends use them and, I must admit, they’re pretty cool. Being able to take a wide photo without trying to squeeze everyone in is a fun, innovative idea. And hey, it’s better than having to carry around a selfie stick.



The Bottom Line

Overall, new features are always good news for Windows phones. With applications such as WhatsApp coming over to Windows and plenty of new features such as panorama being added, things look good for current Windows users and those looking to make the switch alike. And, considering the importance of photography on modern smartphones, it’s a good move on Windows part. Now about getting Pokemon Go on the Windows Store…

Panorama mode now available on all Windows 10 Mobile devices

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