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Siri Getting A Voice Upgrade

Siri Getting A Voice Upgrade

We all love using Siri as much as possible. From setting alarms to asking it to Google something for us, it feels great to have a digital assistant. Plus asking it for help means we won’t have to put in the extra ten seconds it would take to look something up on our own. Those are seconds we could be sleeping. One of the defining qualities of Siri has always been the robotic quality of its voice. Well, that might be seeing a pretty interesting change pretty soon. What does the future of Siri hold? Let’s take a look.



What’s Happening?

Since the premiere of Siri, it’s had pretty much the same voice. While there are some variants in terms of gender and accent, Siri would always have a robotic sound to its voice to almost give it an “android” feel. And no, not an Android phone feel. With iOS 10 on the horizon, Apple is going to make a change to the system’s voice. Let’s see what will be different with the new update.



What Will Be Different?

The main change coming to iOS 10 will be to give Siri a more realistic sounding voice. The change will be done through a deep neural network, or DNN for short. What is a DNN? I’m not totally sure. But it appears to be a magic portal that turns robots into humans. Whoa, that would be an awesome movie. I’m writing that down.



What Do I Think?

To be totally honest, I really enjoy Siri’s voice just the way it is. The robotic feel of the voice makes me feel like I have a cyborg assistant to help me Google what movie celebrities were in. Once it gets too realistic, it might feel kind of strange. Well, like it or not, the more human-ish Siri is on its way.

Siri's voice to benefit from machine learning improvements in Apple's iOS 10

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