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  • What's With The 250k Games On Windows Phones?

    What's With The 250k Games On Windows Phones?

    I’ve been reviewing games for quite some time now. And, in my time, I’ve seen plenty of different trends. However, one I’ve recently seen in particular is a large number of games with the number/letter of “250k” in front of the title. Is there a particular theme with all of these games? Is it just some strange coincidence? Is this a massive conspiracy? Probably all three of those things. Let’s take a look at the 250k game series and uncover the many mysteries within. Or something like that.


    What Are The 250k Games?

    The 250k game series certainly has a bunch of different styles. I’ve seen games about lumberjacks, games about burger making, and even games where you match up three different things. And we all know that hasn’t been done before. One common theme with all the different games seems to be the simple cartoon animation. And, as a big fan of simple cartoon animation, I’m quite pleased by that.


    How Are They?

    While there definitely is a large number of different game types, there’s also a large range of quality and fun when it comes to the 250k series. For example, games such as 250k Timberman are actually pretty fun little arcade experiences. But on the other hand, 250k Snake is more of an entrancingly difficult reimagining of the classic Snake games.


    The Bottom Line

    While the actual background of the 250k games remains a mystery to me (some of them aren’t even developed by the same people), the 250k game series provides some nice, simple arcade experiences. While not all of the games are created with the same amount of quality, they at least provide bite sized fun minigames. And, as I said before, I really do enjoy the animation of the various games. Probably because I’m such a huge fan of cartoons.

  • Apps Missing From The Windows Store

    Apps Missing From The Windows Store

    I’ve written many articles about how Windows Phones have missed the boat when it comes to certain big name apps. However, I’ve never actually compiled a list of essential apps that are missing from the mobile devices. Well, first off, I apologize. I owed it to you guys. I really let you down. However, it’s time to make that right by making a list of some apps that deserve to be on the Windows Phone Store.



    Now, I’ve already technically written before about YouTube leaving the Windows Store in my classic article “No More YouTube App On Windows Phones?” Well, despite the fact that it was a groundbreaking article that shattered everyone’s expectations, the fact remains: YouTube is not available on Windows Phones. You’ll have to watch your Epic Rap Battles Of History through one of the other strange YouTube ripoffs that run rampant on the Windows Store.



    While I’ve personally never been very good at using Snapchat (I only just found out how to do that thing where you can make your face look like a dog), I realize that it’s a fun app for people to send pictures to each other with. However, sadly, that experience will not be available for anyone using a Windows Phone. Although, again, there does seem to be a strange amount of ripoffs available…


    Pokemon Go

    While the app may not be as popular as it was in the past, the fact remains that the gigantic game is still not playable on any Windows device. It’s just so strange that I’ve played more odd, barely playable games on the Windows Store and yet I can’t play the biggest mobile hit of 2016 on the platform. Is it so wrong to strive to catch my very own Snorlax on a Windows Phone?

  • How To Use Music Maker Jam (Android)

    How To Use Music Maker Jam (Android)

    I’ve talked before about how I always enjoyed the classic Mac app Garageband. Whenever I got my hands on an Apple computer, I would immediately start making my own tunes from the various loops available. However, because I haven’t played around on a Mac in a while, I’ve been without a proper way to make little synthesized tunes. But, by recently discovering Music Maker Jam for Android devices, have I found the perfect alternative? You'll see. Let’s take a look at the Music Maker Jam app.


    What Is Music Maker Jam?

    Music Maker Jam is kind of like a mobile version of Garageband mixed with a social networking app. Kind of. You see, you can create all your own tracks, post them, and see people’s responses. Judging by how my roommates respond to my singing, I may not want to post my creations just yet.


    How Do You Use It?

    Music Maker Jam actually works pretty similarly to Garageband. You create a new song by pressing the button on the top left, you add a new instrument by tapping the “+” button, and you drag around the different circles to create the perfect sound mix. From there, it’s all about exploration. Like a band crafting a song, you can slowly build up a tune, one instrument at a time. Additionally, you can record your own voice on the track by tapping the microphone in the bottom left. Time to share my golden singing voice with the world. Maybe after a few singing lessons…


    How Is The App?

    Music Maker Jam really surprised me. While I was expecting a watered down version of Garageband, I was treated to a pretty interesting app that allows you to make some pretty fun little tunes. Going through and trying out the different instruments allowed for a lot of experimentation, which is what makes the app so addictive. So, whether you’re a musician or not, I suggest you give this app a try.

  • iOS Keyboard Review: Animal Stickers

    iOS Keyboard Review: Animal Stickers

    Now that I’ve dipped my toe into the water of iOS stickers (that’s a saying, right?), I feel pretty confident reviewing more sticker keyboards in the future. Perhaps it will even be my new feature, where I talk about the pros and cons of each new keyboard that debuts on the market. Well, as long as I don’t have to pay for them of course. Anyways, let’s take a look at the Animal Stickers keyboard for iOS devices.


    What Is Animal Stickers?

    While it’s pretty self explanatory from the title (like many things I review), Animal Stickers is a collection of, well, animal stickers. The stickers have quite the solid range of animals, something I’ll get into later. This is a full review after all. I wouldn’t want to spoil what the pros and cons of the keyboard this early.


    How Is The Keyboard?

    Overall, I enjoyed the Animal Stickers keyboard. While it wasn’t anything extremely flashy, I can say that all the animals were pretty cute. And, speaking of animals, boy there were a ton of them. I saw walruses, dogs, and even unicorns. Wait a second, are unicorns even considered animals? Aren’t they more or less mythical creatures? Am I overthinking this at all? My only real complaint is pretty minor - the lack of animation. While everything was extremely adorable, I must say that it would be even cuter with just a little bit of movement. I mean is there anything cuter than a walrus dancing? I’ll answer that for you: no.


    The Bottom Line

    If you just want something fun and cute, Animal Stickers is the keyboard for you. And, since everyone wants things that are fun and cute, I’ll go ahead and assume that Animal Stickers is perfect for you. While it could be improved with a little extra work, the ability to text some cute little creatures to your friends will always be a winner in my book.

  • Life Hacks Android Review

    Life Hacks Android Review

    In the past few years, I’ve become very interested in the online phenomenon known as lifehacks. They’re fascinating little tips on simple things that you can do to make life easier. So they’re kind of like that older relative that somehow knows everything about how to get the best deal, make the best meal, and interesting uses for an orange peel. Hey, that rhymed! Anyways, let’s take a look at the Life Hacks app for Android devices.


    What Is Life Hacks?

    The Life Hacks app is a collection of images featuring different life hacks. These range from a large number of topics, with everything from saving money, living healthier, and even just little daily tips included. But how is the app you may ponder? Well, I’m glad you asked…


    How Is The App?

    I really enjoyed scrolling around the Life Hacks app. I actually learned quite a bit as well. For example, did you know that you can tell if a battery’s good anymore by bouncing it? Because I did not. My only real problem with the app is that, outside of the lifehacks, it doesn’t really offer very much. It’s pretty much the equivalent of looking through a Twitter feed full of pictures of lifehacks. But, considering the quality of life hacks, I suppose that’s OK.


    The Bottom Line

    Life Hacks is a pretty fun app. Scrolling around all the unknown ways to make life easier is not only entertaining, but pretty insightful. Sure, it’s not the most innovative app in the world, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had. After all, I would have never known that you should reheat leftover pizza in a frying pan instead of a microwave so the crust doesn’t get soft if it wasn’t for this app. A lesson I will pass on for generations to come.

  • Nom iOS Review

    Nom iOS Review

    Lately, I’ve gotten really into checking out different food apps. Despite my own lack of ability in the kitchen, I still enjoy checking out the world of food applications. However, today’s app is going to be just a bit different. While most of the applications I’ve reviewed so far have focused on the actual recipes, Nom for iOS devices is its own kind of app. For reasons I’ll get into later in the review. That’s just a bit of a teaser for you.


    What Is Nom?

    Nom is a food app like you haven’t seen before. Instead of being a collection of different ingredients and dishes to make, Nom is more of a social media experience. And yes, I know everyone tries to call everything a social media experience these days. But allow me to explain. Nom allows users to post live video and photos of different foods around, integrating the live streaming of Periscope with the photography aspect of Instagram.


    How Is The App?

    I must say, I’m pretty impressed with the Nom app. While it’s definitely different than many of the other food-related apps I’ve tried out, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, I believe it works in the app’s favor. I could see plenty of foodies getting really into seeing firsthand how certain things are prepared or even just checking out images of incredible eats from around the world. I prefer to eat things rather than look at them, but that’s just me.


    The Bottom Line

    If you have an interest in food beyond the realm of simply snacking, Nom is the app for you. While it’s not the most straightforward way to learn how to make certain dishes, it acts more as a tour around the world of different eats. OK, I’ve been talking about food too long. It’s time to microwave some pizza rolls.

  • PacMaze Windows Review

    PacMaze Windows Review

    A prevalent theme in my app reviews has been finding and calling out ripoffs. Perhaps it's because I want justice for the hard working developers who are having their games plagiarized. Perhaps I am a fighter for virtue, wanting to always strive to battle wrongdoing in any form. Or perhaps it’s because it’s pretty darn fun to see how strange some of these ripoffs can be. Well, while today’s app is by no means the strangest I’ve ever played, it’s still undoubtedly a ripoff. And isn’t that all that matters? Well, kind of. Let’s take a look at PacMaze for Windows Phones.


    What Is PacMaze?

    From the pretty blatant title, you can easily tell that PacMaze is more or less a ripoff of PacMan. Well, except with a maze instead of a man. Which is weird, because I never thought of PacMan as a man. I guess I always saw him as more of a little piece of cheese that was always hungry. Am I getting off topic?


    How Is The App?

    While at first glance this looks like a simple copy and paste of PacMan, there are actually a few differences to be seen. You see, classic PacMan is a pretty simple maze you move around by just hitting the direction you want to go in. PacMaze, on the other hand, features a much more complex maze that requires you to constantly hold the direction you’re going in order to move around. Add that with a reduce in speed and you’ve got a game that pales in comparison to the one it’s attempting to emulate.


    The Bottom Line

    Like most games that are ripoffs for the most part, PacMaze is not one of the better games I’ve played. However, it’s not like I really expected too terribly much from the app. Despite its cool graphics and some interesting ideas, PacMaze is a bit too frustrating to be as fun as PacMan. Also, how have they not been sued yet? Just putting it out there.

  • How To Keep Your iOS Device From Overheating

    How To Keep Your iOS Device From Overheating

    Heat is not a bad thing. We all love having a nice warm day where the sun is shining bright. Well, except me. I prefer the indoors if I’m being totally honest. However, while many people enjoy the heat, it’s not so good for electronics. We’ve all had those times where we’ve picked up our phones and noticed it to be strangely warm. And I’m not talking about the time I left my iPhone on the stove. (It was an accident!) Let’s take a look at how to reduce the risk of your iOS device overheating.


    The Problem

    Having your iOS device overheat is a pretty common occurrence. Sometimes it’s due to overuse, such as the times you decide to watch an entire season of The Flash in bed on your phone when you should have been sleeping. Not that I’m speaking from experience. Other times simply charging the phone will make it start to heat up. Which, while it might feel nice on your hands if it’s cold out, probably isn’t the best thing for your phone.



    The Solution

    Luckily, there are a few different ways to try and keep your iOS device from heating up too much. One simple way to go about this is to close some of the apps you have open. These not only tend to drain your battery, but could possibly be the reason your mobile device is heating up. Another simple option is to restart your device. Even though it means during the restart you won’t be able to scroll around Instagram for five whole minutes. Life can be so cruel.


    The Bottom Line

    While noticing your phone overheating can be a bit scary, there’s some simple ways to keep it from happening. Simply closing some apps and restarting your phone will not only reduce the chances of overheating, but may even improve your phone’s performance.

  • How To Supercharge Your iOS Device

    How To Supercharge Your iOS Device

    Ok, just a quick disclaimer. When I say I’m telling you to supercharge your phone, I don’t mean having it get struck by lightning and have it send you to back to time where you have the possibility of creating an anomaly like in Back To The Future. Just thought I’d clear that up. No, what I’m talking about is getting the most out of your iOS device. What say I get a bit more specific in the next section?


    The Problem

    Ever since the massive popularity of iOS 10, people have been noticing a few changes. While there were definitely some great things about the update, such as emoji keyboards allowing you to send emoticons of dancing cupcakes to your friends like you’ve always wanted to, many people also believe the update has resulted in worse battery life and the phone as a whole becoming slower.


    The Solution

    But fear not, noble iOS users! Help is on the way! You see, you can pretty easily circumvent some of these issues with some simple changes. One great way to not only improve the performance of your device but also clear up some space is to delete any apps that you find yourself no longer using. Additionally, the special “Low Battery Mode” for certain devices can help to improve battery life. This is pretty simple to do, as by going to the “Battery” section in Settings once you hit 20% battery life, you’ll find the option to toggle it on or off. And you can turn off your location settings. If you’re into that.


    The Bottom Line

    While iOS 10 may have resulted in a few issues with performance and battery life, I must say I enjoyed the update. It has a bit more personality to it, especially when it comes to the various stickers and emojis. Plus, with the simple changes above, you can help fix those minor issues and keep on Snapchatting, Tweeting, and Vine-ing away. Wait, didn’t Vine shut down?

  • Simpsons Store Android Review

    Simpsons Store Android Review

    If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you would know I am a huge fan of the animated sitcom The Simpsons. The show is a global phenomenon, and for very good reason: it’s funny, it’s got an expansive world, and there’s tons and tons of episodes. However, while I’ve seen the show and played the many Simpsons video games, I’ve never really read the comics. So I suppose I can’t really call myself a true Simpsons fan, can I? Well, I still will. Let’s take a look at the Simpsons Store app for Android devices.


    What Is The Simpsons Store?

    The Simpsons Store is a one-stop-shop for getting your Simpsons Comics fill. And, trust me, there are tons of them. In the different categories alone, there’s everything from the classic series to the Bart Simpson series to the Treehouse Of Horror series. So it looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.


    How Is The App?

    I must say, I was pretty impressed with the sheer number of different comics The Simpsons has released. In fact, I saw some comics released as early as 1996. However, there is one thing that may scare some people off. Outside of some of the free Sunday Specials, you will have to pay for your comics. You know, like in real life. Well, except for the library.


    The Bottom Line

    As a huge fan of The Simpsons, I must begin my Simpsons Comics journey to complete the trifecta of animated sitcom knowledge. And, to be honest, The Simpsons Store is the perfect way to do it. The comics aren’t too expensive, they go back a number of years, and you can keep track of them all on your account. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got about twenty years of comics to catch up on.

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