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How To Find The Right Google Play Station

Google Play Music is slowly becoming one of the bigger music subscription services, and for very good reason. They’ve got a great collection of songs, they have both free and paid options, and their branding is spectacular. Additionally, one of the features they advertise quite a bit is the various channels they have available for different occasions. In the mood for some dance party hits? There’ a station for that. Need to wake up in the morning? There’s a station for that. Trying to eat a whole pizza by yourself? I don’t think there’s a station for that, but there definitely should be. Let’s take a look at how to find the best station for you on Google Play Music.



The Musical Options

Every time you pull up Google Play, a few different station options will come up. These include Working Out, Boosting Your Energy, and more. While that may sound pretty basic, it’s once you tap your choice that you start getting into the specifics. For example, the Boosting Your Energy option alone has tons of options such as Pop Punk Pick-Me Ups and Feel-Good Indie Pop.



But wait, there’s more! After that, you get one more choice of specific stations within that category. So if you chose Energetic ‘00s hits, you can choose between ‘00s Pop Rock or ‘00s Indie Dance Party. So it’s a station within a station within a station. It’s like Inception, but with more distorted guitars.



What About Comedy?

If you enjoy a good chuckle, you will not be left out. The “Laughing Out Loud” section gives you a variety of podcasts, standup, improv, and more. Much like with music, you simply go through a few layers and begin listening. While not as expansive as the music stations, it’s good to see comedy get a bit of recognition. Not that I’m a fan of comedy. I’ve never laughed in my entire life. And I never will.

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