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2019 iPhone Advanced Face ID and 2020 iPhone Upgraded Time of Flight 3D Modeling Back Camera by Kuo



Renown analyst Ming-Chi Kuo together with TF International Securities has a fresh perspective for future iPhone 2019 and 2020 models for excited iPhone lovers. Trusted sources from AppleInsider, 9to5Mac and MacRumors report that the new 2019 iPhones feature major modifications in their flood illuminator strategically positioned in the front TrueDepth Camera thus a more precise facial recognition. For the 2020 iPhone, the major modification is on the back camera incorporating an improved time of flight 3D modeling technology.


Improved Face ID on 2019 iPhone

The TrueDepth camera for this version has really been a point of focus for the company hence achieving a spectacular 3D facial recognition mechanism. This can largely be attributed to the modified flood illuminator that has a greater power output now featuring a cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL). Kuo speculates the release of 2019 iPhone will be early September next year and even with the 2018 model the described iPhone has us antsy already. The face ID feature incorporated for current iPhones utilizes the infrared system technology which has been limited in function when in the presence of invisible sources of strong infrared light. For instance, the face ID is completely distorted when using your phone in direct sunlight. The 2019 iPhone works around this limitation by improving the laser power output hence making the sensor’s tolerance to other infrared sources around it. This makes the sensor more fast and sensitive with minimal chances of failing to unlock your smart device. Kuo analyzes the suppliers for the new iPhone will accrue favorable terms of business as the new iPhone will create a huge demand locally and internationally owing to its consistency and improved efficiency. iPhone users will, however, need assurances from Apple that the strong infrared light will not lead to eyesight complications in the long run.


New Time of Flight (TOF) 3D Modeling Camera on 2020 iPhone

The 2020 iPhone designed by Apple promises to use next-generation features on its rear camera hence elevating picture quality to a whole new level. The Time of Flight feature incorporates range imaging sensors on the back camera which will calculate overall time taken for its released laser to reflect from nearby objects back to the device in order to generate a 3D image of the immediate environment. This 3D application is also practical for the Face ID function of the phone as it utilizes the structured light mechanism which calculates how the 30000 infrared dots which are projected by the iPhone gets distorted in the calculation of the distance to generate a precise 3D image of your face for a more accurate authentication process. The face ID and the TOF are similar in the way they conduct depth mapping but the TOF has exceptional accuracy of 3D modeling and a range of other functions.

Before the release of the modified iPhone, the TOF system will be introduced to the market using the iPads speculated to be released in the 2019 Christmas. This will grant everyone a chance to take the application for a dry run capturing objects of choice in 3D which can be edited easily by utilizing their pencil. The Time of Flight will also enhance the overall quality of images captured by the phone as well as elevating experiences of augmented reality.

Previous predictions from reliable sources speculated that the 2H19 iPhone will not feature the TOF technology but for the 4Q19/1Q20 iPad, there is a 50% chance of it featuring this technology. This is a great achievement for all designers as the TOF modeling promises convenience in creating productivity in regards to design applications which is more simplified than that of computers with the aid of an Apple Pencil for editing. If the TOF does not feature in the 2H19 iPhone by any chance the technology will definitely not miss out for the 2H20 model. Chances are Apple will incorporate a strong VCSEL of more than 1,000nm in wavelength which will outdo any inconveniences to the user. The list of benefits from the TOF system is long including aspects like improved depth mapping, better rangefinder, premium image quality, a sharp focus on images, dramatic portraiture imaging, improved AR object placement, concise AR overlays, and complete 3D capture. Apple is really a visionary trendsetter in the industry always providing exciting applications to its valued clients all over the world.

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