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Apple Finally Gets It Right with Series 4 Apple Watch

Series 4 Apple Watch


If you’re like most of our readers then you already know that Apple has recently launched a couple of smart devices whose quality features are simply breathtaking. Among this is the Apple Watch Series 4 with an advanced digital crown that comes with in-built ECG and Haptic feedback. The Series 4 has a larger display than the previous versions but significantly slimmer in its appearance. The keen focus on its development was improving its hardware components to achieve new levels of performance for your convenience. There is an electrocardiogram which is now fitted right on the Digital Crown and on the back crystal is the built-in heart rate sensor. Using these health-focused features are simple as you only have to press your finger on the digital crown’s side for thirty seconds in order to get it to start delivering a read. The smartwatch takes an articulate reading of your heart condition analyzing various aspects to determine your overall wellbeing. The parameters analyzed by the Series 4 are much more extensive than those of the previous heart rate sensors for other versions. Such include crucial information about your heart structure and the electrical conduction properties of your cardio system. The information obtained is stored in the health application and is retrievable inform of a PDF which you can readily mail to your physician. The ECG application works hand in hand with the modified electrical heart sensor and shares the reading with the app. These attributes have led to this version being branded as the intelligent guardian for your health.


Another added feature to the design of the Series 4 is that its digital crown is now enabled to give haptic feedback. Operating the digital crown is more responsive on individual applications like calendar, podcast and it is easier to navigate through a list of items on the crown. The overall design of the Series 4 like other newly launched iDevices deviates from the previous versions which are exciting as it gives the watch a stylish and attractive appeal. The screen is 30 percent larger from 38 and 42 mm to 40 and 44 mm with curved edges thus more compact. This has been made possible by cutting on the dimensions of the bezels located around the edges. All these features make the watch slimmer than the initial series 3 and despite the screen being larger, it takes up the lesser volume. Apple has maintained the same dimensions for the watches’ straps hence they all can be shared across all new and old versions.


For the Series 4, you get to choose between the aluminum and the stainless steel editions. Unfortunately for those who prefer the all-ceramic edition the company did not include it in the production of Series 4. Color aspects for the aluminum edition range from space grey, silver and gold. For the stainless steel edition, you have the discretion to choose from new gold, polished and the space black. The underside features the black ceramic which is convenient as radio waves pass through more easily hence better cellular reception. The elaborate modifications have also influenced the speaker and microphone design for the Series 4. The speaker has been amplified to be 50 percent louder while the microphone’s aperture has been relocated to be strategically away from the speaker which has greatly improved the quality of calls.


The smartwatch is able to discern when you are falling by monitoring the motion of your hands. In the unfortunate instance you fall and stay still for an extended amount of time, the watch automatically contacts your emergency services as listed for the device giving them your physical location. This has been configured for the SOS feature on the smartwatch. The Series 4 is fitted with the S4 processor chip which has two times the execution speed of the previous versions. The device’s battery is able to comfortably handle all the upgrades with a constant battery life of up to 18 hours. The preinstalled watchOS 5 software supports a wide range of features as well as interphase modifications. This is upgradable like for all the previous versions giving all users a free access to the premium features. Additionally, the breathe application comes with its own face with an option of graphics to choose from. Such range from faces with vapor, fire and water which are all aesthetically pleasing. The Series 4 is now available for your order at a competitive price range.

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