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Best Fitness Smartwatches



Technology changes people. It changes the way we act and it changes the way we interact with other individuals. What it also tends to do, especially in the 21st century, is also change the way we interact with other technology. The latest such trend involves the creation of wearable technology — most often worn on your wrist —  which completely eliminates the need to carry your phone. The idea of never missing your calls or texts even without your phone appeals to a growing population and this has, in turn, caused an explosion of the smartwatch industry as companies seek to respond to the increasing demand. The clunky models from the past have been replaced by powerful devices with sleek and stylish shapes and designs. The following review is compiled to guide you get started on the best fitness smartwatches in the market today.

Best Choice: Apple Watch Series

When first introduced, people touted the Apple Watch Series Three as a potential means of completely replacing the smartphones. While this goal is yet to be achieved, this smartwatch is accompanied by special features beneath the attractive square watch face. A bright and beautiful screen complements the curved glass while the Digital Crown smoothly rotates through notifications, messages, and applications.

WatchOS 4 is the latest Apple flagship that provides more fitness functions than has ever been offered by any other version in the past. It has a comprehensive system and does not stint on basics such as calorie counting, heart rate monitoring, and step counting. The waterproof gadget is complemented by reminders to move and a long battery life of eighteen hours that makes it a convenient tool for mountaineers and hikers. It is incorporated with a GPS tracking system that allows the users to leave their phones at home whenever they are out for long afternoon strolls walks.

Most Stylish: Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit name represents a mighty giant in the fitness industry, and so is their latest product which comes as comfortable, lightweight upgrade with a stylish appearance that mostly appeals to ladies due to the ‘squircle’ design that makes it possible to fit on smaller wrists.

The smartwatch includes an exercise application that allows you to choose from a variety of sports including running, biking, weights, swimming, the treadmill, interval training, and full body training. For other types of sporting activities, the accompanying Fitbit app offers a variety of other workouts to choose and download. The stand-out feature about this smartwatch is that it has a four-day plus battery life although it doesn’t have a GPS tracking system meaning you have to carry your phone with you to accurately track the distance you have covered.

Best Music Quality: Garmin Forerunner 645

Based on quality sound output the Garmin Forerunner 645 is the most lucrative choice of the smartwatch in the market today. For lovers of radio, the Garmin Forerunner comes with iHeart radio and can accommodate up to 500 high-quality songs. The smartwatch also synchronizes effortlessly with assorted music streaming sources. The smartwatch is fitted with strategic features such as the heart monitor, thermometer, gyroscope, barometric altimeter, accelerometer, compass and sensors. The technology used in the development of this smartwatch has made the device diversify its function hence serving you better.

The physical attributes of the Garmin comprise of both the touchscreen and the button interphase. This makes it convenient to operate during physical activities. The model also feels surprisingly light on the wrists and its 1.2 inches in diameter combined with its elegant design makes it look great on both small and big wrists. Its affinity for power gives it a long battery life of up to seven days with the GPS and the music running.

Best Outdoor Activities: Garmin Fenix 5x Model

The Garmin Fenix 5x model has incorporated only the cutting edge technology to help maximize its function as well as adaptability. The smartwatch comes with the Fenix’s improved screen resolution which greatly improves its graphic features. This watch comes in handy in a range of activities including; swimming, golf, cycling, snowboarding, running, skiing, and even rowing. The 5x model has an impressive concentration of sensors ranging from cadence sensors, temperature monitors, running dynamics pods and much more.

When the device is paired with your smartphone, you will receive smart notifications as well as text message. The tertiary features that make the 5x distinct from other competing brands are the improved GPS abilities. It can map out localities and their distinct feature very fast so that you get to view the physical features and terrain conveniently by just looking on your wrist. This helps you discern places of interests making your navigation easier. With the Garmin Fenix 5x you can redefine your limits when sporting in different terrains as you do not have to be restrained by the fear of getting lost. The smartwatch has an extended battery life of up to two weeks and functions just fine in places with an erratic network.

Whatever device you choose, you should be happy knowing that you in live in a world with myriad choices available to you nowadays. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and live life unshackled from your phone!

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