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Best Keyboard for Android



Still using your stock Android OS keyboard? That’s a bad look. With hundreds of keyboard choices available to you, you should try downloading some new virtual keyboards in order to see if there are some which’ll suit your needs. Whether you’d like a larger or smaller keyboard, one with gesture controls or predictive text, there’s going to be an option available to you. Luckily for you, however, you won’t have to sift through all of them in order to find the best ones. We did the homework for you and found the best keyboards for a variety of your needs. So sit back and relax, here are the best keyboards for your Android phone.


For Overall Functionality


If you’re not looking for something overly specific, then we highly suggest the Gboard designed by Google. Originally, this was created for the iPhone, however, they made a version for Android not too long after – we’re happy they did! The Google Keyboard is fully updated with incredible features which include Google translate, integrated web search, and GIF search. Basically, it comes with every you need to write a message. Whether you prefer gesture typing for individual words or sentences, Gboard support either option as well as an endless amount of languages. The predictive text doesn’t always the word right, but it’s really not that bad. Over time, it learns the words that you most commonly use and adapts to your data.


If you’re unable to write a message, for whatever reason, you can also use the speech-to-text engine that works with voice dictation. Sure, it won’t be able to get every word, but it does a pretty good job if you speak clearly and at a decent pace.  Ideally, if you’re looking for a keyboard that can do a little bit of everything, then Gboard is a great option. In addition, you also can turn on “Google search” which allows you to search up anything quickly. Most importantly, it’s completely free for Android users.


For Gesture Texting


Gesture typing, also known as swipe typing, allows you to type with one hand. Essentially, gesture typing allows you to slide your fingers around the keyboard to write out a complete word. If you’re looking for a keyboard that’s well built for gesturing typing then you should try Swype. It’s a highly favored keyboard for Android phones and allows you to swipe out a word or entire sentences. It also supports two languages for bilingual users. Swype gives users a free trial version, however, you can also purchase the full version for one dollar.


Swype comes with features such as TalkBack and Explore By Touch – these two features are designed to assist the vision-impaired and allows them to use the keyboard with ease. You’re also given features such as copy and paste. Swipe-based typing is a great way to reduce texting time and get what you want to say out there as quickly as possible.


For Word Predictions


If you’re fixated on word predictions then you should opt for Swiftkey. In comparison to Gboard, it ranks higher than it in word predictions. It usually comes pre-installed on many Android phones and tablets. So, if you’re constantly messaging people, for example, you’re an editor, then Swiftkey is very useful for you. Though, it doesn’t have the special features which Gboard has, if you’re only in need of a keyboard, then you’ll love Swiftkey.


It used to be a paid app, however, in 2014, they made the keyboard free while charged users for having different themes. So, you can use it for free, simply if you want a special theme, you pay. These themes add more individuality to your keyboard, so if that’s important to you, you can customize it.  It’s still one of the favored keyboard apps on the market today and is a great alternative to Gboard.


Now that you know what the keyboards for Androids are, try them out. They all offer free versions, so give them all a try and see which one suits you the best. These keyboards are all made to make your life a little easier and help you reduce the amount of time that you’re on your phone.

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