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Best Touchscreen Gloves for Winter 2018



You still have a few more weeks of winter left which means your fingers are going to go through more days of freezing while you’re texting outside. Using your phone during the winter can become a nightmare, especially if there’s now. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t text. Stay connected to work, social media and family with touchscreen gloves. They’ll keep your hands nice and toasty while you keep texting.



If you’re into buying a new pair of gloves for to be able to have a touchscreen feature, you don’t have to. In fact, why not try a Nanotip. With Nanotip, you’re able to coat your fingertips and thumbs with the paint, giving your fingers grip, turning them into touchscreen gloves.

Of course, the durability and efficacy of Nanotips will depend on the material of your gloves, so the results may vary. Though, they do have a formula for fabric/acrylic and leather.


Moshi Digits

If you need a solid pair of winter gloves, however, aren’t into wearing ones that are overly bulky, then these are great. They’re thick and woolly, meaning they’ll handle minus temperature quite well. They’re designed with rubber lines and dots on the palm and fingers, giving you extra grip when holding your phone.

If you need warmth and touchscreen features, these gloves are great.



Agloves are acrylic gloves with ten-finger functionality. What does this mean? It means you’re able to use any finger you want to use your phone while making sure your hands are kept warm.

They come in a variety of couple such as black, brown, navy, red and white. Though, if you’re looking for gloves that will keep you warm when the temperature hits in the minuses, these gloves aren’t for you. They’re not the thickets, so, for more harsh climates you’re better off with a thicker glove.


Women’s Gloue Gloves

Gloue gloves look incredibly feminine and sleek for winter gloves. The button cuffs give these gloves a different vibe and more of a trendy touch. They’re cashmere-lined and come in black and red. The touchscreen feature is on the forefinger and thumb.

These gloves aren’t going to keep you warm in minus temperatures, these are best worn in areas with milder winters.


Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Gloves

The Mujjo dual-layer gloves are great for users that are in need of a thicker glove. If it’s really cold outside, you still want a glove that’ll keep your hands warm. The Mujjo glove comes with a layer of wool, so you’ll be able to use your phone and keep your hands nice and warm.

The silicone grip is placed on the palms of your hands, ensuring that your phone doesn’t slip out of the palm of your hand while texting. In addition, Mujjo designed these gloves so that you’re able to use your fingertip, knuckle and palm to send a text message – whichever is easier. Classic Touch Screen Glove gloves allow you the ability to use any part of your hand in order to use your phone. Though they work amazingly, it’s important to note that these aren’t gloves you should be wearing at minus temperatures. However, if your winter is somewhat mild than these gloves will work great.

These gloves also feature a built-in screen cleaner as the micro-fibres help you to keep your screen clean from dirt and smudge.


Elma Luxury Italian Leather Gloves

For those that are more concerned about looking sleek and fashionable, these gloves will do the trick. They’re made of luxurious genuine Italian Nappa leather, coming in a couple different colors as well. They’re lined with fleece or cashmere and have touchscreen fingers, allowing you to look trendy while still being able to text.


The North Face ThermoBall Etip

North Face is a highly reputable company for their snow gear, thus, if you’re looking for a pair of gloves to fight off the cold winter, then these are great. They’re thicker gloves, especially when using a touchscreen, but, they do work well to make sure you can text while keeping your hands warm. It’ll take a couple tries to get used to their bulkiness.

They come for both and men and women, so, you do have some options when it comes to style, color and size.

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