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Best USB-C Headphones for Google Pixel 3 in 2019


Do you own a Google Pixel 3 or 3 XL? Then you must have got the official USB-C earphones/buds from Google with your device already. We have to admit that that pair of the earphone is of great quality. However, it is possible that you might not like them or you need a new pair right now.

For your convenience, we have created a list of some of the top headphones for Google Pixel 3 series smartphones. And, in this post, you will come to know about all these headphones. So, if you are here for that information, then you can start reading the rest of the post.

Let’s go…


  • ‘Xiaomi Mi ANC Earphones:’

This USB-C earphone has an in-line remote to perform some of the essential actions with it. This is certified for hi-res audio so you can be sure that the audio quality would be great. The cable of this earphone is very durable and the earphone comes with a titanium-plated metal chamber.


  • ‘Pioneer Rayz Pro Smart Headphones:’

It is one of the high-end earphones. This comes with some advanced and unique feature like ‘adaptive noise cancelation’, ‘inline remote with multiple buttons’. The sound quality of this earphone is top-notch. The build quality is also great. However, you would have to pay at least $134 for this one.


  • ‘Acessorz Magnetic Earbuds:’

This is one of the cheapest options in this list of best USB-C earphones for Google Pixel 3. You can get it for only 23 USD. Yet, it is a great quality earphone. It has high-res DAC, passive noise canceling, and an inline remote control, and. On top of all these, the back of the earphones is magnetized so that they will always be together when you are not using them.


  • ‘AIAIAI TMA-2 MFG4:’

This is not for people who are searching for just earphones. Because the AIAIAI TMA-2 MFG4 is a well-built ‘over-the-ear’ headphone. The price of this pair would be about 180 USD. And, we would say that it is worth the price. The audio quality is beyond phenomenal. And, the most interesting feature of this pair is that it is a modular headphone. That means you can customize it the way you want to in the future.


  • ‘Essential HD earphones:’

These earphones has a tangle-free cable which is pretty convenient to use. It also has an in-line remote of a single button with which you can perform certain useful user actions like receiving a call, hanging up a call, change the current song etc. The audio quality is great nonetheless.


  • ‘AIAIAI Tracks 2.0:’

This is another product from AIAIAI. But this is also a distinct one. This comes with a vintage design with a cool look. If you are searching for a headphone with a traditional design then this is the best one for you. This one comes with 40mm speakers which produce high-quality audio. On top of these, you will also have 3-button inline remote and a built-in microphone. Overall, it can be a great choice.


  • ‘Libratone Q Adapt:’

If you are looking for an earphone which is perfect for work-out sessions then this is the one for you. Most importantly, this pair was designed specifically for the Google Pixel 3 series. Thus it comes with a dedicated button with which you can trigger the Google Assistant.

Along with that, you will get free ear tips. You can also control; the level of noise isolation with this pair. However, the most noteworthy feature of this earphone is that it is IPX4 for water-resistant. If you have the budget and want the perfect earphone for you then the Libratone Q Adapt will be the best option to choose.


Wrapping things up:

It’s up to your consideration to choose the best and perfect match for you. We know that the choice would vary from person to person. However, we believe that you will find your match from the list above.

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