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Blocking Annoying Text Messages on Android or iPhone



Had enough of people? Want to get away from it all? When you’ve had enough of people texting you on your cell phone and you have no desire to connect with them, there are text blocking options available for you depending on the type of device and carrier.


Blocking Messages on iPhone

For iPhones you have more than one option in which you can use to block messages, phone calls and Face Time requests from people — regardless of whether or not they’re on your contact list.

How to Block People Using iMessages

Option 1

1. Launch iMessages

2. Tap on the message you intend to block

3. Tap on the i icon on the top right part of the screen

4. On the displayed details options, tap on the arrow situated to the right of contact chosen

5. Choose Block this caller option

6. A confirmation screen will pop up for you to confirm action.

Option 2

From your contact list you can also tap on an individual number you want to block then follow the steps as described above from option 3.

Option 3

1. Navigate to the setting option

2. Scroll until you locate the messages option

3. Choose the Blocked option

4. Tap on the add new option

5. Key in the number you want blocked or even individual email address and choose okay

6. Choose the Block Contact option on the confirmation box


Blocking Messages on Android

For Android devices, blocking messages successfully depends on the kind of app that you are using. Usually the mobile carriers have the proprietary apps for their networks. This means the procedure for blocking will depend on whether the carrier app is activated.

Using the Google Message Blocker for Google-Branded Phones

The default application for messages on Google phones such as Nexus and Pixel is Android messages. There are two simple procedures for blocking messages and calls for Android messages.


Option 1

1. Launch Android Messages

2. Select and hold the conversation of the contact you want blocked. A check mark will appear on the left side of the selected conversation.

3. Tap on the circle with a line icon on the top right end of your screen.

4. Select the block option complete. For Google phones you have the option of forwarding the last 10 messages of the spammer to report the individual. This procedure is the same for blocking messages if one is using the Google Hangouts or the Google Voice as their default message application.

Option 2

1. Once you have opened a conversation thread, at the top right end of the screen tap on the three dots.

2. Choose People & Options function

3. Choose the block option and confirm action.


Blocking messages for Lenovo/Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, ZTE and Huawei devices

For other Android phones the default texting app is the default Messages app for android available in the play store.

Option 1

1. Launch messages app

2. At the top right end press the three dots

3. Choose the Settings option

4. Choose Block numbers and messages option

5. Choose Block numbers option

6. In the text bar provided you can input the number you want blocked. From here you can either select the inbox or the Contacts options to block texts and calls respectively.

7. After you are done selecting the contact you can proceed to tap the green plus icon to include the number to the list of blocked contacts.

If the procedures described above do not work for your iPhone or Android cellphone it means that the mobile carrier has overridden the default system setting with their version of texting application. These are some of the guidelines to follow when blocking texts for specific carriers.

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