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Complete Guide to tracking all Workouts with New Google Fit



Google fit have redesigned their application to offer a more personalized coaching that you can easily customize to better suit your workout routine in a healthy fashion. The app can now be your personal motivator by setting achievable milestones for you that comes with a simplified goal interface. Google Fit is not limited to a number of workouts but comes in handy for every physical activity that you may want to engage in. You can now be able to keep track of your progress and receive important tips analyzed from your activity and health reports. This is conveniently done from your Android device or the wear OS devices by Google.


Tracking your Workout on your Phone  

The procedure is quite user-friendly for anyone with a smartphone: –

1. Launch the Google Fit app on your android device

2. Press the plus icon located at the bottom right corner

3. Choose the Track Workout option

4. Google will automatically show a record of recently tracked workouts but you can select the drop-down menu option located at the top of the screen if you want to track a new work out.

5. Select the type of activity you would want the app to track for you

6. Select the start workout option to commence your exercise

7. Select the pause button located at the bottom of the screen whenever you take a break

8. Select the stop button located at the lower left end of the screen when done with the workout

When activated successfully the app initiates a countdown from three at the start of every workout. The new Google Fit acts like your training partner helping you achieve new records each day which in the end results in the maximum burning of calories and desirable workout gains. Once you are done with the workout and you have stopped the application your data will automatically be saved and added in your journal.


Tracking your Workout on your Smartwatch

Google Fit is a very functional application to have on your smartwatch/wear OS as you can conveniently access it from your wrist.

1. Launch the Google Fit application from your Wear OS

2. Navigate to the bottom menu by swiping

3. Select the workouts option in the list

4. Google Fit will automatically display where you left off from the previous session. If you intend to start a new workout select the other workouts option.

5. Select the type of activity you wish to engage in.

6. Select the start workout option to start your physical routine. The application will countdown from three to signal monitoring is about to start.

7. Select pause whenever you want to take a break

8. Select the end workout option whenever you are done

To get the most out of Google Fit we recommend a Wear OS watch as you keep track of your workout more readily. An example of an elite smartwatch is the Ticwatch pro which is fitted with a GPS to track your physical location, an NFC chip which enables you to access Google Pay services and a heart rate monitor.


Google Fit Activity goals for Improved Health

Google Fit has incorporated spectacular features to match or outdo competing brands such as Apple Health. The operation of the application is configured to work around two activity models based on AHA and WHO’s health recommendations. These are the Heart points and Move Minutes activity goals. Routine exercise is a well-advised habit to adopt as there multiple benefits that come out of it. Moving more is definitely more constructive that bumming on a chair when free. With the Google Fit, you can accumulate Move Minutes motivating you to make healthy alternatives in your day like walking a freight of stairs instead of using the elevator all the time. Making your cardiac rate go higher by increased physicality boosts the overall wellbeing of your heart. You can accumulate heart points with the Google Fit motivating you to engage in activities that keep you at your best. According to the recommendations brought forward by AHA and World Health Organization following a guided workout routine, like Google Fit for instance, significantly lowers the chances for a heart condition, improves your mental attitude and you get to enjoy sleep better.

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