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Fast Charging Solutions for your iPhone/iPad



iPhone 8, iPhone plus, iPhone X or any other iPhone and iPad offers you superior features in the smartphone industry. To maximize your smartphone experience, a fast charging system will go a long way to guarantee that you can access your phone or iPad with convenience at any time. The 5-watt USB charger provided is not sufficient for a fast charge, but there exist alternatives for this purpose. The wireless 7.5 Qi charger, for instance, USB-C adapter or the 10-watt USB charger offer a more rapid charging for your device. This guide will help you take utmost advantage of the fast charge properties of all iPhone phones and iPads released to the market as from 2017.


Fast Charge Feature for your iPhone 

This feature enables you to boost your iPhone device from 0 per cent phone charge to 50 within thirty minutes of charge. This only works when using a compatible charger that facilitates fast charge like the original power adapters provided by Apple.


Phones that Support Fast Charge:

• iPhone 8

• iPhone 8 plus

• iPhone X

• iPad pro 10.5 inch

• iPad pro 12.9 inch

The 15-watt USB-C charger is the most recommendable option for the fast charge option for iPhones.


Comparing Different Chargers and their Fast Charging Potential:

• The provisional 5-watt USB charger for iPhones provides regular wired charging which is not adequate for fast charge

• The 5-watt wireless Qi charger also provides regular speeds for charging.

• The iPad power supply of up to 10- 12W is relatively faster than regular chargers but not the fastest

• The 7.5 Qi charger provides a faster wireless charging than the 5W

• The USB-C cables and power supply are the fastest chargers in the market and best suited for fast charging function for iPhone and iPad.

Once your device has attained 50 percent charge, the fast charge property stabilizes the charging rate to normal to preserve your battery life. The rate of fast charging thus will reduce gradually as the battery acquires more charge.


How to Make Sure your phone is Fast Charging

When your device’s battery is below fifty percent and is plugged into a fast charging compatible charger, it will produce a chime sound. The frequency of the chime leads you to know if the iPhone is charging on fast charge or at a regular rate. A single charging chime implies regular charging which is common for regular 5W, 7.5W wired and wireless chargers plus the 10W or 12W iPad adapters. For the fast charging chargers such as the USB-C adapters, there will be two charging chimes. There will be another chime produced once the phone’s battery hit the 80 percent mark. From this mark, the charging rate is very slow.


Summary of Fast Charging Rates

The 39W USB-C Apple adapter will require one hour and a half to fully charge iPhone 8 Plus. The 5W brick usually takes more than three hours to fully charge the same phone. For the 12W iPad charger or the provisional 3.0 USB port takes 15 minutes more than the 30W USB-C to fully charge an iPhone 8 plus from zero to a hundred percent. The Apple’s USB-C bricks have a higher power output of 61W and 87W and are originally designed for the MacBook Pro but are still safer to use for recharging your iPhone. The 12W Apple power adapter takes only 37 minutes to get the phone battery to 50 percent.  The 30W USB-C adapter from Apple will only take 33 minutes to get your phone t 50 percent, and the 61W USB-C power adapter only takes 29 minutes to attain the 50 percent mark. You will get your money’s worth from the 30W USB-C brick if you are seeking to make the most of the fast charging feature. The 87W brick is also very preferential.

We strongly advise users of iPhones and iPads to stay away from substandard chargers that do not have the authentic “made for iOS” certification. This will ultimately damage the charging system as well as shorten battery life. Original chargers from apple are such as: –

• 10W USB Apple power adapter

• 12W USB Apple power adapter

• 29W USB-C Apple power adapter

• 30W USB-C Apple power adapter

• 61W USB-C Apple power adapter

• 87W USB-C Apple power adapter

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