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Find The Best Way To Setup Android Messages For The Web Easily




After many months of waiting patiently, Google ultimately developed a method for the users to receive and send text messages natively from their PC. This feature is being presented as a part of the Android Messages, and is extremely easy to setup and use. Once you’ve got the gist of it you’ll be able to effortlessly keep in touch with friends and family without ever having to pick up the phone.


How Is It Distinct From Other Google Chat Applications?

Here is the required shot across the bow at the Google for possessing more chat applications which anybody cares to count. There is Allo, Duo, Hangouts, and on and on, but Google’s Texts for the Web is unique.

Part of its uniqueness can be found in the simplicity of its functions: it is MMS and SMS from your PC. That’s it! Absolutely, there’s nothing less, nothing more. It does not offer video chat or phone calls options, and also there are not really many whistles and bells. It is simple, and that is good.


How to Set It All Up

That’s what we’re here for, isn’t it? So without more ado, here is how you can setup “Android Messages” for the web!

• Open the Android Messages

• Now Tap “Try It” button on pop-up in the bottom of the display (or tap 3 dots at top right and after that “Messages” for the web)

• At this point, go to on the computer

• Tap the “Scan QR Code” on the phone for scanning the code displayed on the computer

• Right after scanning the code, you will be all set to start utilizing “Android Messages” for the web!

• Just before you jump too deep, yet, there are different things we suggest looking at.

• For starters, “Settings page” on Android Messages site has lots of useful tools. Here you will get toggles to disable or enable notifications, text previews, and if you want the “Android Messages” to help keep you “sign-in” on to the computer.

• Heck, there is also a “dark mode” which you can easily turn on!

• Right after experimenting with “settings” for somewhat, there is yet another thing on the phone you will prefer to configure.


Automatically, Messages for the web shows a prolonged notification on the phone whenever you are connected to the computer. It can quickly turn out to be an undesirable eyesore, but fortunately, Google makes this simple to shut off this.

• Open the “Android Messages” and tap 3 dots on top right

• Tap “Messages for web”

• Tap 3 dots once more

• Tap the “Notifications”

• Tap the “Show-persistent-notification” to deactivate it


Other Important Things You Need To Know:

Also, there are a number of things you need to know about the “Messages for Web”.


• Only You Can Have 1 Active Session Each Time:

In case you have several computers, it is worth remembering that you are able to use only one of these with the “Messages-for-Web” each time-it delivers you a “notification” in case a session is actually “active” on one more computer.

Luckily, you can effortlessly switch in between the two by clicking “Use Here” option in notification.


• You Can Sign Out Remotely From The Application:

If you choose at any time you have to remove a “remote connection”, then you can easily do this from the PC in question, however, you do not have to, also you have the choice to stop any or all “remote connections” from app.

Simply open “Messages” on the Smartphone, tap “menu” button, and after that select “Messages-for-Web”. Not to mention, this page displays all the PCs you are signed into currently. Tap “X” at right of the computer to stop that connection, or simply tap Sign-Out-All-Computers to stop all the remote connections.



The “Messages-for-Web” is a new element within the Android platform which has been sorely needed for years, and it is off to an excellent start. It is familiar and clean, provides almost all the excellent features you would desire from a remote text messaging app, and above all: it is native.

With this expertise under the belt, you are all set to start utilizing Android “Messages-for-web” like a professional! Need more assistance or simply wish to chat? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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