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Fixmoji Lets You Designate Your Favorite Emojis in iOS Without a Jailbreak



If you’re a frequent user of emojis then you’re used to iOS’ Emoji keyboard and how Apple designed the left side of the interface to frequently-used Emojis. Now, for those who aren’t frequent users, they’re fine with this interface. However, many users suggested that they change that interface to supporting their favorite Emojis instead.


Well, this is where the app Fixmoji works wonders. It’s a third-party keyboard which allows users to manually set up their keyboard, allowing them to choose their favorite Emojis and using them when they like. If you’re involved in the jailbreak community, then this isn’t such a new concept for you since there were jailbreak like Selectmoji and FavoriteEmojis which worked in a similar way to Fixmoji.


How Does Fixmoji Differ from Tweaked Versions?


You’re probably wondering how Fixmoji is any different than the tweaked versions we mentioned above: Selectmoji and FavoriteEmojis.  First and foremost, tweaked versions required your iPhone to be jailbreaked. Now, you can choose to jailbreak your iPhone, however, it does create issues when it comes to Apple’s warranty and protection services.


In addition, Fixmoji works as a third-party keyboard, meaning that they do not rely on the stock Emoji keyboard that’s offered with your Apple device.


How to Download and Install Fixmoji


If you’d like to download and install Fixmoji on your Apple device, we’re going to show you how.


You’re going to have to go settings. Once there, tap on General and then Keyboard. On the keyboard page, you’re going to be shown the type of keyboard you’re using. Below it, you’ll see Add New Keyboard, you’ll tap on it. There, you’ll be able to add Fixmoji keyboard to your list of active keyboards on your iOS system.


Once you add it to your list of active keyboards, you’ll still need to fully activate it. To do this, you’ll tap on the Fixmoji cell and then tap on Allow Full Access toggle switch. In order for the keyboard to properly functions, you’ll need to allow full access to the keyboard itself to transmit the information you type. Once completed, your Fixmoji is fully activated and you’ll be able to launch the app from your Home Screen.


When inside the app, you’ll be able to select your favorite emojis. In order to add an emoji to your list, simply by tapping on one. There’s no limit to the amount of favorite emojis you can have on your keyboard. If you wish to remove an emoji from your list, you simply tap on that specific emoji. You can also tap and drag them, rearranging them to however you like.


Once you have your emojis selected, you should be aware that you’ll be able to use your Fixmoji keyboard in any app that using typing in it. To do this, you need to tap and hold on the globe key and then pick your preferred emoji.


Now, you’re completely ready to use your Fixmoji keyboard without any problems.


Final Thoughts on Fixmoji


Most of us have become accustomed to the stock emojis that are provided to us by Apple, however, with Fixmoji, you’re able to expand your horizons with emojis and customise your keyboard’s interface. Unfortunately, Apple has yet to provide users with the ability to control and customize their keyboards, however, third-party apps are helping Apple users out by giving them more control without jailbreaking their phones.


If you’re interested in customizing your emojis and having your own keyboard for them, Fixmoji is a perfect solution. You can download it from the Apple Store for $0.99. Though, your iOS device must be running on 10.3 or later in order for this app to work properly.


Already have Fixmoji on your iOS device? Let us know in the comment section below what you think about it!

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