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Goodbye, iPhone Headphone Jack

Goodbye, iPhone Headphone Jack

If you own an iPhone or aspire to someday own an iPhone, you may have heard that the iPhone 7 is officially the first model of the popular series without the headphone jack. And you also may have been angered by this fact, realizing that your extremely expensive studio headphones are now basically useless the next time you head to the gym. Well, why don’t we just take a minute to talk about this and look at the future of headphone jacks, shall we?



Wait, What Happened?

With the iPhone 7 now the next big thing in iOS technology, there is sure to be a lot of talk about the improvements it will make. However, one feature in particular has resulted in quite an uproar: the lack of a headphone jack on the new model. The phone instead can be purchased with Airpods, the new wireless headphones designed by Apple. It’s almost as if Apple wants to make more money or something.



What Does This Mean?

The lack of a headphone jack isn’t the worst idea in the world. In fact, it allows for improved design for the device. However, making it a standard on the model instead of simply offering two different types of iPhone 7 with one offering the headphone jack is a bit of a headscratcher. Apple’s done some interesting things in the past that have been bold to say the least. But this move seems more like a cash grab than a true innovation.


The Future

Now, just because Apple has decided to delve into the future without a way to plug in your headphones, does that mean other mobile devices will follow suit? Personally, I don’t believe so. Android phones have generally tried to be as user friendly as possible, from never changing their USB to offering plenty of customizability. So does that mean this is the end of Apple phones? Considering nearly everyone I know still has one, somehow I doubt it.

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