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Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL Review: The New Standard for Android



Considering upgrading your phone? We hear you. With so many great handsets having come out in 2017, the holidays might just be the best time to treat yourself to a new device — and what better device to switch to than the new Google Pixel 2? Whether you’re an existing Android user or an iPhone user who’s tired of Apple’s ecosystem, the newest phones to come out of Mountain View are definitely worth considering.


Now, more than ever, Google is doubling down and getting very serious when it comes to their mobile hardware. At one point, Google was trying to entertain two audiences: one focused on design and another which enjoyed the overall Android experience. Of course, it’s always worth noting iPhone users are drawn to the experience and prestige of using an Apple device while Android users are more focused on the features and the Google experience. This “Google experience” developed from the Nexus project, which was for many Android users an incredible handset that offered everything they wanted and more. These days, Google is now stepping up and bringing on to the market an even more impressive device.


The device — rather two devices — that we teased above is the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL. The base model, the Pixel 2 starts at $649 while the advanced Pixel 2XL starts at $949. Yes, these devices aren’t cheap, however, they’re around the same price as an iPhone. What makes them different than an iPhone? The software and hardware. But we’re going to go into a little more depth about them in a minute. For this review, we’re going to talk about Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL as one, since they have many similarities, though, as a reminder, they’re two different phones.


Pixel 2 and 2XL Hardware


The quality of the hardware itself is one of the most important features on these two phones. They’re built the same, yet somehow manage to feel entirely different when they’re in your hands.


The Pixel 2 XL is getting a lot of attention which we completely understand as it’s a standout phone. The 18:9 display with rounded corners gives the phone a modern and sophisticated look. It shares a similar design with Galaxy S8+. The glass is curved on all sides and flows into the metal siding. The lack of sharp edges on the phone makes it more comfortable to use. Though, the size itself may be an issue for some people, especially, if they’re used to a smaller phone.


Thus, if you’re concerned about the size, then we recommend the Pixel 2. In design, it’s more similar to 5X including the curves and size. It lacks the curved glass but has a 16:0 display which of course, isn’t like the Pixel 2XL but it’s still a comfortable size.


Battery Life


Battery life is another huge issue for all us. The Pixel 2XL has an outstanding battery life with a 3520mAh battery and a Snapdragon 835 processor. You’ll be able to make it through a full day with full app usage and you won’t have to recharge your phone which for many of us is a big deal. The Pixel 2, of course, isn’t as amazing as the Pixel 2XL’s battery life, but it’s still really good. It comes standard with a 2770mAh battery, though the device has a more efficient processor, which contributes to greater battery performance. You’ll last throughout a full day without having to charge your phone.




If a camera is something that’s highly important to you, then you should seriously consider a Pixel phone as it’s one of the finest cameras on the market. Google has amazing photo processing but the fact that it’s been paired with OIS makes for photos that’ll knock your socks off. They’ve also stayed on track with classic photography, making sure the Pixel 2/2XL have sharp colours and HDR techniques which allow you to produce a stunning shot.




Google’s added OIS to the both Pixel 2/2XL which produces amazing videos/shots. They already have EIS (electronic image stabilization) to their phones, meaning that these phones are already highly stable you’re surprised that this phone doesn’t have any stabilizing hardware assistance. When it comes to movements on screen, the video stays stable, however, doesn’t look artificially stabilized to the eye which is great. Of course, the Pixel 2/2XL doesn’t have as many video features as the LG V30 but for simple videography, it’s perfect.


Final Verdict


After going through both Pixel 2/2XL, Google has done it again by creating a phone which is above its class. Of course, the price isn’t cheap, however, for the quality and features you get, it’s well worth it. If you have $649 in hand, then we recommend going for the Pixel 2. Either phone you choose, you’re getting a well-built and designed product which allows you to have an amazing experience whether you’re taking a photo or scrolling online.

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