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How to Block a Phone Number on Your Android Phone



Though phones allow us the ability to keep in contact with friends, family and work, not all the people who contact you are ones you want to be in contact with. Instances of spammers, telemarketers and other unwanted callers, answering their calls in a nuisance and extremely annoying. So, is there a way to prevent these numbers from phoning you? Yes! We’re going to show you how to block a phone number on your Android phone so you won’t have to deal with unwanted calls ever again.


Most Android phones have a different way to block a number depending on the manufacturer. When Androids were being developed, there wasn’t a generalized way to block a number, thus, they created their own ways on their Androids. On all Androids it is possible to block a number, however, the method to do this varies from phone to phone. Here are some of the ways to block a phone number on the most popular Android devices.


Blocking Phone Numbers on Stock Android Devices


If you’re looking how to block a phone number on Androids such as Google Pixel and Nexus 6P, there are two ways to do so.


1. The first way to block a phone number is to open your phone app and go to the areas containing your recent calls. Then, long press down on the number you’d like to block. A menu will pop up and you’ll want to select “Block number”.

2. The second method is where you’re going to access your Phone app and tap on the 3-dot menu icon which will be displayed in the top-right hand corner of the screen. Select “settings” and then tap “Call blocking”. This will add the number to the list of blocked numbers.


Block Phone Number Through Carriers


Some carriers offer services that’ll allow you to block the number on a service level. In the United States, the carriers that offer these services are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. You’ll have to contact your carrier and ask them if they provide this service.


Blocking Phone Numbers on Samsung Devices


Many Android users have Samsung phone as they’re the largest Android manufacturer in the world. So, if you’re trying to block a number on Samsung, this is how you do it.


1. Open the Phone app.

2. Choose the number that you’d like to block and then tap “More” (this is located on the top-right hand corner).

3. Select “Add to Auto-Reject List”.

4. To either remove a number or edit the list, go to Settings → Call Settings → All Call → Auto-Reject.


Blocking Phone Numbers on LG Devices


If you’re an LG owner, then you’ll want to follow these instructions in order to successfully block a phone number. Though it’s similar to the methods we’ve shown you on other phones, there are some differences.


1. Open the Phone app.

2. Tap on the 3-dot icon which is located on the top-right hand corner.

3. Select “Call Settings”.

4. Select “Reject Calls”.

5. Tap the ‘+’ button and then add the number you’d like blocked.


Blocking Phone Numbers on HTC Devices


For HTC users, follow these instructions in order to block a phone number.


1. Open the Phone app.

2. Press down and hold the phone number you’d like to block.

3. Select “Block Contact”.

4. Select “OK”.


Third-Party Apps


If your Android doesn’t have a built-in calling blocking feature then you can also use third-party apps that’ll do the job for you.


• Number: this is a free Android app which allows you to block unwanted calls and texts on your phone. Mr. Number also has a Remote Lookup feature which allows you to find out information about the caller (feature offered in the U.S. only).

• The Blocklist: the Blocklist is a simple app which has three options on it: Hang Up Voicemail and Exceptions. When a number is added to the Hang Up option, when the number calls your phone, it’ll automatically hang up on them. If callers are placed on the Voicemail option, their call will go directly to voicemail.

• Call Blocker: this is another free app which allows you to block incoming calls and texts to your phone. It also includes a Private Space feature which stores private SMS messages and call logs.

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