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How to create, Customize, Edit and Apply Memoji



As a part of its Animoji update, Apple launched a ton of features for iOS 12 during its Worldwide Developer Conference to allow the users a chance to express themselves more accurately with the help of Memoji. Not only are you able to interact with emojis but also customize Animojis to look exactly like you. For the time being, this feature is only available on iPhone X due to its TruDepth camera but it may soon be available on future iOS devices. For those that own an iPhone X, here are a few guidelines to help you create, customize, edit, and use Memoji.

How to Create your Memoji

1. Open a new or existing conversation in the iMessage.

2. Open your App Drawer and select the Animoji icon.

3. Scroll to the right until you reach “New Memoji.”

4. Tap the plus sign icon

How to Customize your Memoji

After you have created the Memoji, it is possible to customize its appearance based on a variety of physical features. Apple has offered an array of features such as a variety of colors to choose from and the ability to add freckles. Moreover, you can alter the shape of your head, nose, lips, eyebrows, ears and more.

Aside from the physical aspects, you are also able to dress the Memoji in line with your preferences. There are plenty of eyewear, hats, and headpieces that are all customizable using different colors. In the ear section, there is an option for earrings where a variety of studs and hoods are made available for both males and females.

After you have completed creating your Memoji, make sure you tap “Done” on the top right corner of your screen to save the image alongside the other Animojis in the drawer.

How to Edit you Memoji

You can always change the appearance of the Memoji by clicking on the “Edit” option located in the three dots located in the left corner of the screen. After clicking “Edit,” you will be taken back to the customization page from whence you can make your changes. If you wish to save multiple copies of the Memoji to avoid constant editing, choose the “Duplicate” option.

How to use your Memoji

To apply you Memoji, open the App Drawer in the iMessage window and then navigate to the Animoji icon to select your Memoji. Make sure to remain calm, and your face is given the camera since the Memojis capture any movements. When you are set, tap on the “Record” button located at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. What’s more is that as part of its new update, Apple extended recording time from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

After the recording is complete, tap on the “Record” button again to end the process. However, this is only possible if the 30 seconds time-frame has not elapsed. You can watch the playback once after which you may click on “Replay” to watch it a couple of times. If it is not satisfactory, use the garbage icon to discard and try again.  If it is adequate, tap the blue arrow, and it will be delivered to your recipient who can view the content by simply playing it from their iMessage windows.

You can add your Memoji into your photos by launching the front-camera and overlying the Memoji onto your head. This can also be applied in FaceTime conversions through live videos.

Final Comments

With the introduction of the various Memoji features, it is evident that it has become enjoyable to create Memojis because the Apple devices used contain the right amount of customization filters to mold the Memojis in accordance to your preferences. Making the Memoji is not only simple but also convenient since you do not have to overthink when coming up with choices that will match your desires. That said, you are always assured of excitement whenever you send Memojis to people. Furthermore, the attention to detail is evidenced in the accurate manner in which the camera captures your facial expressions. This means it is possible to capture even the slightest changes in body movements such as when you sway your body from side to side or shake your head.

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